Launch of Kenya Cl...

Launch of Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC)





The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC)?the first of its kind globally, supported by infoDev / World Bank?will launch in Kenya on Wednesday, September 26. The ?go to? institution for climate innovations, the CIC will offer financing and other services to emerging businesses that can profitably address local climate challenges and create sustainable jobs. It will bring local entrepreneurs and startups into the global clean technology revolution.

The CIC is an innovative way to accelerate locally owned, locally developed solutions to fight climate change. Its five-pronged acceleration suite—financing and investment, business advisory, access to facilities, access to information, and enabling ecosystems—will  boost economic activity in high-growth sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, clean water, and energy efficiency. The Kenya CIC is part of the global infoDev Climate Technology Program (CTP), which is establishing CICs in six other developing countries, as well as comprehensive global activities to support and link them.

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