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m2Work challenge closes at 944 ideas

Six finalists will compete for $20,000 in May
m2Work, an online innovation challenge by Nokia and infoDev, closed yesterday at 944 idea submissions after the competition?s single biggest weekend. According to the organizers, the steady rise in the quality and rate of submissions points to a growing understanding of mobile microwork among tech enthusiasts and potential entrepreneurs worldwide.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people supplement their income through microwork—small digital tasks they can perform online over and over, such as categorizing images on e-commerce sites and moderating online forums. m2Work, which stands for mobile microwork, aims to expand microwork to the 5 billion mobile phones in the developing world.

“Right from the outset, the big challenge was familiarizing people with the concept of mobile microwork,” said infoDev mobile innovation expert Toni Eliasz. “We got a strong pool of submissions, so now we can switch gears and turn the best ones into companies.”

Over the next three weeks, the m2Work jury will select six finalists, one from each of six strategic regions in infoDev’s mobile incubation network. Each finalist will receive a $2,000 prize, as well as mentoring on mobile microwork, how to draft a business model, and how to pitch for the Grand Prize and to investors.

The finalists will have the chance to refine their ideas for the Grand Prize of $20,000, to be announced in May.

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