m2Work finalists s...

m2Work finalists submit refined ideas, business models

Video pitches promise a tight race
The six m2Work finalists submitted their refined submission packages today, turning the action over to the members of the jury. The winner of the $20,000 Grand Prize will be announced on Thursday, May 17.

After close of the competition to the public, the Finalists received coaching from mobile microwork and startup experts. They were asked to revisit their original submissions and to hand over refined submission packages. Short video pitches were one part of the task; the results can be seen below.

In alphabetical order by region:

East Africa: "Smart Blackboard," by Nancy Wang

East Asia & Pacific: "Microwork Publishing Platform (MPP)," by Jeongtae Kim

Eastern Europe, Caucasus & Central Asia: "MicroForester," by Alexander Shakaryan

Rest of the World: "3MD: Mobile Diagnostics," by Nadia Millington and Luis Rosenthal

South Asia: "SRN - Smart Rickshaw Network," by Aadhar Bhalinge


Southern Africa: "AniTrack," by Karl Zöller

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