m2Work: From milli...

m2Work: From millions of tasks to thousands of jobs

Submit your innovation to create microwork jobs in developing countries by April 2, 2012
m2Work, which is launched today, is your chance to shape the future of microwork and to make a difference for hundreds of thousands of potential microworkers in developing countries. Microwork refers to small digital tasks people can perform anywhere to supplement their income.
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The m2Work challenge aims to make microwork jobs available to millions of people.

Currently, microworkers need access to computers, which are expensive and require infrastructure. But if they could work on their mobile phones, considering the approximately 5 billion mobile phones in developing countries, this could have enormous job creation potential in the developing world.

This is why we want you to submit an idea before April 2, 2012 for a mobile microwork application that has market potential and can have a meaningful impact. Your idea needs to tackle an existing problem or need that can be addressed by microwork. You can submit it alone or as part of a team. You are also invited to be a part of discussions on other ideas from the m2Work community.

m2Work is a worldwide challenge and a joint project of infoDev and Nokia’s IdeasProject, and supported by UKaid. infoDev, a global partnership program in the World Bank, uses its vast network of Mobile Applications Labs (mLabs) and business incubators to help tech entrepreneurs every step of the way, from a seed-stage idea to a thriving start-up that creates sustainable jobs. The m2Work challenge wants to fuel the race for the best ideas, and to spark a goal-oriented, global discussion about mobile microwork.

With individual cash prizes of up to US$20,000, we have assembled a high-profile jury consisting of representatives of Nokia, the World Bank, academia, the microwork industry and the wider technology investment sector, who will select the prize winners. They will judge all submissions based on the criteria of potential development impact, innovativeness, feasibility and clarity of presentation.

The six finalists, who will receive coaching before a final pitching event, will be announced at the end of April. The grand prize will be awarded in the summer.

For more information, visit m2Work’s official website, www.ideasproject.com/m2Work

Contact person: Nicolas Friederici (infoDev / World Bank), email: nfriederici@worldbank.org

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