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Meet the Entrepreneur: Anne Shongwe

Inspired by her experience as a UN employee, Anne Shongwe, the founder of Afroes, came up with the idea of using mobile technologies to raise awareness about social issues among African youth, to educate them to take action, and at the same time, bring them closer to their African heritage. In 2008, she decided to conduct research on the topic, which led her to discover an entire community engaged in creating games to develop social skills. In 2009, she started collaborating with a group of Africans from Oxford University on how to market such games and device compatibility. In 2010, Anne was contracted by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund to build a game on child protection, later called Champ Chase. At the end of 2011, Afroes was approached by UN Women to build a game around gender-based violence, known as Moraba. Afroes won the 3rd prize at Dragon’s Den during the 5th Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship held in June 2013. Afroes was incubated at mLab Southern Africa.

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