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Meet the WINC entrepreneurs, Edition 1

In early April, infoDev will be hosting its second round of Grow your Business (GyB) workshops in the Caribbean.  The workshops are being organized by the Women Innovators Network in the Caribbean (WINC), part of infoDev’s Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) that aims to build an enabling ecosystem to foster high-growth and sustainable enterprises throughout the region.

WINC workshop

The first GyB workshops were held last September in Jamaica and Barbados.  Attended by 45 women from 12 islands, they were designed to help the entrepreneurs look more critically and innovatively at their business models.  The women who attended represented a wide range of early-stage, growth-oriented businesses. 

In this edition of ‘Meet the WINC entrepreneurs’, we profile two women who attended the inaugural workshops.  Both are serving their clients with cutting-edge technology-based solutions. 

  Deidre Brathwaite, PixID

   Deidre is Managing Director and Head Social Media Strategist for PixID,
   a boutique new media marketing agency that creates custom online
   solutions for clients.

   “In order to succeed one must embrace change. An entrepreneur has to be constantly growing and learning and willing to get out of one’s comfort zone.”

   View Deidre's full profile.

  Valrie Grant, GeoTechVision

   Valrie is Founder and Managing Director of GeoTechVision, a firm that
   provides clients with high-end geospatial consultancy services, solutions
   and products.

“Competition builds strength of character as one recognizes that with persistence, you can get your foot in the door."

For information on infoDev’s Grow Your Business workshops, or to join WINC’s community, contact WINC at, and through Facebook:

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