Milestones in Crea...

Milestones in Creating Sustainable Businesses

infoDev, Nokia, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland have forged ahead on mLabs, social networking, business incubation and the upcoming Global Forum!

Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy, a joint program of infoDev, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and the Nokia Corporation, has made significant progress towards its objectives and program agenda. This public private partnership, which formally launched on 17 December 2009 in Washington, DC, includes three tracks that support business incubation in the African, Asian, and Eastern European and Central Asian (ECA) regions. These tracks deal with mobile applications, business incubation, and the Global Forum.


The mobile applications track includes activities related to launching mLabs and mobile social networking hubs. So far, two mLabs have been established in Africa thanks to partnerships with the Meraka consortium serving southern Africa and *iHub_ consortium serving eastern Africa. In Asia and ECA, focus groups have been held and advertisements for host organizations have been posted. Announcements on the selected partners are expected to be made in March and April, 2011. This track also includes work on mobile social networking. infoDev is working with Mobile Monday (MoMo) to extend the model of using innovative networks to extend the reach of mobile applications. So far, MoMo Kampala, Nairobi, and Dar es Salaam have been launched and MoMo Maputo is expected soon.

Progress also has been made on the technology entrepreneurship and business incubation track. In October, 2010, the Agribusiness Community of Practice was launched in Hyderabad, India. Agribusiness will be part of a special workshop at the Global Forum.

The third track deals directly with the Global Forum. From 30 May to 3 June, 2011, infoDev’s Global Forum will be held in Helsinki, Finland. Building on the momentum created by the 2009 Brazil Global Forum, infoDev is working to create the next opportunity to gather experts, financiers and entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss sustainable business incubation models and best practice policies to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Workshops, networking events, and seminars have been crafted to benefit all participants- from the entrepreneurs themselves to national policymakers. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event and explore our topic page!

The Creating Sustainable Businesses agenda will add to its achievements in the coming months. Be sure to continue to check the website for further progress!

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