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Mobile Innovation Roadshow - A Step-by-Step Guide

As part of its Mobile Innovation Program, infoDev developed the concept of the Mobile Innovation Roadshow with the overall objective to stimulate the development of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem for mobile applications enterprises by introducing business and technical concepts relevant to startups in the mobile industry via a series of short events. The Roadshow was developed in partnership between The Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS) program and infoDev. SAIS is a program funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) that seeks to boost innovation in Southern Africa.
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The objective of this practical guide is to provide a tool for interested parties on how to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate a Mobile Innovation Roadshow. The guide presents a generic methodology that can be used in any country context. It provides lessons and best practices based on the experiences of implementing Mobile Innovation Roadshows in four countries in Southern Africa: Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. While this guide can be used as a foundation for all countries, the planning and implementation should always be adapted to the local situation, as each country context is unique and requires tailor-made solutions.
What You Will Learn
After studying this guide, the reader should: 
  • Know what a Mobile Innovation Roadshow is and what its components are;
  • Understand the specific objectives of a Mobile Innovation Roadshow;
  • Be aware of the organizing framework of a Mobile Innovation Roadshow and the necessary planning steps;
  • Know how the different events of a Mobile Innovation Roadshow are implemented;
  • Have knowledge of the options for evaluating the events of a Mobile Innovation Roadshow and for organizing follow-up events to Increase the effectiveness and impact on the local mobile innovation ecosystem.
More About the Guide
This guide is based on the results of the Mobile Innovation Roadshow Outcome Assessment, background documents provided by infoDev as well as various lessons learned from interviews with relevant stakeholders such as the local SAIS managers. The Outcome Assessment was conducted in order to identify and analyze the effects of the Mobile Innovation Roadshows implemented thus far, including direct short-term and mid-term effects on participants and the mobile innovation ecosystem of participants’ countries of origin. Download the Outcome Assessment here.
Based on these sources of information, perceptions about organizational aspects and key success factors for the implementation of a Mobile Innovation Roadshow have been processed and analyzed in order to provide future organizers with this practical methodology and a step-by-step guide on how to plan and implement a series of events.
The guide is organized in three main parts:
  • First, the “Organizing Framework” includes the main steps to be taken before implementing the Mobile Innovation Roadshow.
  • The second part of the guide, “Implementation of the Mobile Innovation Roadshow” treats each event separately and provides a practical step-by-step approach for implementation.
  • Finally, “Evaluation and Follow-Up” constitutes the third part of this document, and talks about steps to be taken after the Mobile Innovation Roadshow in order to increase its effects and impacts.

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