A Model for Clean ...

A Model for Clean Energy Innovation in Africa

infoDev's Climate Technology Program published an article in The Africa Energy Yearbook 2011, co-written with our government and private partners in Kenya. The publication discusses the Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Kenya and how it will support the government's objectives in the Greening Kenya Initiative.

Through the provision of financing, advisory services, information, and facilities all tailored to the Kenya market, the CIC will help domestic actors identify, develop, transfer, and deploy innovative technologies and business models to address local climate challenges. The CIC will cover the entire range of sectors relating to mitigation and adaptation including: renewable energy, energy efficiency, off-grid power, water supply, and agriculture. As a result, Kenyan researchers, industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and government entities can benefit from green growth's potential to create jobs and spur economic development while also playing a more pro-active role in developing innovative solutions that are appropriate to local conditions.

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