Models and Best Pr...

Models and Best Practices in Teacher Professional Development

Excerpted from the infoDev publication, Using Technology to Train Teachers: Appropriate Uses of ICT for Teacher Professional Development in Developing Countries.

Guiding questions

  • What are the needs of teachers in our country, and how will teacher professional development (TPD) address these needs?
  • Which of the three models of TPD are most appropriate to the needs of our teachers?
  • Which models are currently being used in our schools?
  • How can ICTs improve and extend current or projected TPD efforts?


  • Understanding Professional Development
  • Professional Development vs. Training
  • Making TPD Effective
  • Building Teachers’ Computers Skills
  • Successful Approaches to Computers in TPD
  • What is Technology Integration?
  • Learner-centered TPD
  • Professional Development Models
  • The Cascade Model
  • Strengthening the Cascade Approach in Tajikistan
  • Addressing Women in TPD
  • Site-based TPD
  • Self-directed TPD
  • Web Resources

Please also see the related Implementation Brief.

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