New video: Kate Ki...

New video: Kate Kiguru, Ukall Ltd.

In Kenya, hiring private security is common practice, but verifying staff attendance remains a cumbersome, costly process. Meet Kate Kiguru, the mobile entrepreneur aiming to revolutionize the business of keeping Kenyan spaces safe.

Kiguru is currently raising funds for Akida, a mobile app that uses GPS and biometrics to check security guard attendance cheaply and reliably and prevent problems like "buddy clocking." Akida, which means “supervisor” in Swahili, is the latest product by Ukall Ltd., Kiguru’s business process automation venture.

For Kiguru, 26, the journey of entrepreneurship includes changing the landscape to allow girls to become coders and businesswomen. In a recent interview for the World Bank’s Youthink! blog, she discussed the challenges she faced growing up, making it in the male-dominated tech field, and working to tear down barriers for rising girl coders.

Read the profile on Kate Kiguru on the World Bank’s Youthink! blog.

Kiguru was one of 18 entrepreneurs invited to infoDev’s Mobile Startup Camp—a one-week intensive course designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage mobile ventures and give them a chance to pitch before angel investors.

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