One year later, mL...

One year later, mLab East Africa celebrates its successes

Since opening its doors in June 2011, the Mobile Applications Laboratory (mLab) in Nairobi, Kenya has incubated a series of startups that have attracted international attention?and hit the performance metrics to match it.

The mLab, one of five established by infoDev with funding from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, recently released a presentation reflecting on its clients’ achievements of the last year.

Download the presentation 

Notably, medAfrica—a medical listings app that connects patients with accredited doctors, reducing malpractice and fraud—won the global Ericsson Application Award in May. Meanwhile, M-Farm, which allows farmers to get up-to-date crop price updates via SMS, now boasts over 2000 subscribers.

Beyond showing the development potential of locally sourced, locally owned innovation, the mLab’s success stories hold lessons for jumpstarting mobile ecosystems elsewhere. As we prepare the next wave of initiatives in the arena, we will study their performance, as well as the meteoric rise of the mobile entrepreneurship community in the region, for factors and best practices to replicate in environments around the world.

For more information on infoDev’s mobile innovation activities, click here.

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