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Online & Interactive Facilitator for Flagship Study "Transformation-Ready: The Strategic Application of Information and Communication Technologies in Africa"

In responding to these terms of reference, please submit a cover letter and a CV using the World Bank eConsult2 system, online at: (selection # 1030517) no later than 11.59 pm Eastern Time, 22 March 2011.

The World Bank Group and the African Development Bank, with the support of the African Union (“the Partners”), intend to produce a new flagship report  (“eTransform Africa Flagship”) on how information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially mobile phones, have the potential to change fundamental business and government models in key sectors for Africa. The overall goal is to raise awareness and stimulate action, especially among African governments and development practitioners, on how ICTs can contribute to the improvement and transformation of traditional and new economic and social activities. Furthermore, the studies should recommend ways in which to scale up the successful application of ICTs and to further operationalize their use within a number of strategic sectors, while paying appropriate attention to associated risks.

In order to provide analytical background for the study, the Partners have awarded a series of contracts to consultant firms to conduct sectoral studies of the actual and potential use of ICTs in the African economy. The aim is to identify specific sectoral opportunities and challenges in Africa that can possibly be addressed through an increased or more efficient use of ICT, benefiting from a best practice analysis of applications around the world. Each study would typically contain a scan of ICT applications in a particular sector followed by a more detailed study of two or three countries case studies, on a representative basis, chosen in conjunction with the partners. On the basis of this analysis, it should be possible to form a clearer understanding of the barriers to wider adoption and the factors for success. These studies will then be used to assist the partners in formulating options for strategic interventions in these fields and to making appropriate recommendations.  The sector studies have been awarded as follows:

  • Agriculture (Deloitte);
  • Climate Change Adaptation (IISD);
  • Education (ICT Development Associates);
  • Financial Services (VitalWave);
  • Health (VitalWave);
  • Delivery of Public Services (Deloitte).

In addition, two closely-related cross-cutting studies will look at:

  • The contribution of ICTs to regional trade and integration (ICT Development Associates);
  • The local ICT sector as a platform for regional trade and integration (TNO/Excelsior).

More information about this project, including the overall project concept note, is available on the website at:

In order to coordinate the aforementioned effort, the Partners are seeking to select an individual consultant, to be contracted by the African Development Bank, to work as an Online and Interactive Facilitator.


      The objective of this assignment is to develop an idea management platform through which the Partners and consultant firms can engage, initially amongst themselves, and later open up to ICT development practitioners from all over the world, in order to aggregate content for input to the eTransform Africa Flagship project. It is expected that an idea management platform, using appropriate tools such as blogs, discussion forums and wikis, will provide early exposure of the studies to public review.  In addition, the online approach should promote collaborative working practices between the consulting firms and the different World Bank and African Development Bank sector teams, and the African Union.

      It is envisioned that this idea management platform will live on after the completion of the eTransform Africa Flagship, to provide an ongoing forum for emerging and existing Communities of Practices focusing on ICTs as transformational and game-changing tools for achieving development objectives (e.g. the Millennium Development Goals) on the African continent.

      The platform need not be custom built, but rather should be a framework under which existing tools can be aggregated.  For instance,  new blog need not be initiated if there are well known blogs with large followings already in existence to which the consultant teams will be posting.  Perhaps the solution would be an RSS feed into a main project page for instance.  Tools such as should also be investigated as a way to aggregate information that is highlighted via twitter for instance.

      The higher-level objectives of creating an idea management platform include:

  • Identification of ICT applications with transformative power (high impact) in each of the sectors and with substantial potential for replication or scaling-up – within country or regionally – through future government and donor programs. Examples of ICT applications include m-Pesa in Kenya and to some extent Voxiva/Tracnet in Rwanda
  • Identification of the various and differing roles – government, private sector, donor community – in initiating ICT application deployment.
  • Identification of policy gaps in creating an enabling environment for easing deployment (supply) and uptake by end-users/beneficiaries (demand stimulation).

The objective of the platform and role of the consultant will be to facilitate information exchange among the various consultant groups as well as highlight interesting postings; sources of information to the consultant teams as well as the World Bank and AfDB teams.

Scope of Work

Specific tasks include:

a)      Develop a Web-based idea management platform that can be used to promote the project and to stimulate debate. This will be used initially for collaboration among team members on the draft reports that will comprise the study. At a later date, once content is available, it will be used to crowd-source ideas to be used as inputs to the eTransform Africa Flagship by the consultant teams. The platform need not be custom build but should make full use of existing social networking tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and should include appropriate incentives to encourage submission of ideas (e.g. sponsored participation in events, other prizes);

b)       Within the idea management platform, create a space where the consultant teams can post their preliminary findings to invite discussion, blogs, and review of the ongoing analysis which will be open for public comment; 

      Configure and deploy online tools, as part of the idea management platform, that allow the Partners and consultant teams to leverage their networks and Communities of Practice, and to support their engagement with industry practitioners so that they become co-creator of the ideas, material, discussion and conclusions; 

      Identify the leading blogs in each sector that have large following and draw upon relevant content to cross-pollinate between the sectoral blogs and the idea management platform;

      Manage the idea management platform “website” as a live and ongoing repository of all the information, interactions and reports. All information, data and discussion gathered should be captured and available for use on the eTransform website and as part of the final project material;

      Ensure that the idea management platform represents and reflects the brand and reputation of the African Development Bank, World Bank, and the African Union.  It should be modern, but must be simple to navigate and easy to retrieve information, upload content and support interactivity;

g)      The consultant should assist the Partners in securing an appropriate URL (eg and identifying hosting arrangements. The consultant should also prepare documentation to handover the site to the partners at the end of the contract.

h)      The consultant should actively manage the flow and publishing of information to this platform by continuously interacting with consultant teams to encourage that they post information gathered, ideas posted, and initial findings generated. 

The idea management platform should be developed and managed with the following overall timetable for the eTransform Africa Flagship in mind. The project timetable is shown below with the milestones for the idea management platform highlighted:

Tentative Deadline

Deliverable / Review point


Delivery of inception report by Sector Consultants

Initial version of platform goes live, primarily for sharing ideas among consultant teams


Landscape analysis (chap 2)


Opportunities and challenges for Africa (chap 3)


Case studies (chap 4)

Soft launch of the idea management platform (begin advertising to public)

July - September

First& revised drafts and review


Final delivery of the full report, including executive summary, overview chapter and individual sectoral chapters

Hard launch of the idea management platform at the Public Launch of the Flagship

Working Arrangements

This assignment is part of a collaboration between the African Development Bank (AfDB), the World Bank (WB), and the African Union (AU) (“the Partners”). The consultant will work with the consulting teams under the supervision of a joint AfDB-WB-AU team.

The consultant will be contracted by the AfDB and is expected to work 50 days over the course of nine months (to 30 December 2011). The majority of the work should be complete by the time of the soft launch (scheduled for end June 2011), and thereafter the consultant should provide mainly maintenance and content facilitation.


The consultant should have substantial experience using online communications tools, including social media, for multiple-stake holders. The consultant should also be knowledgeable about the role of ICTs in achieving development objectives and should engage actively in content creation (eg blogging) on relevant topics.

To Apply

In responding to these terms of reference, please submit a cover letter and a CV using the World Bank eConsult2 system, online at: (selection # 1030517) no later than 11.59 pm Eastern Time, 22 March 2011

Please address questions to Tim Kelly (, Robert Hawkins (, and Naomi Halewood ( with a copy to no later than 11.59 pm Eastern Time, 22 March 2011 mentioning in your subject line: "Online Facilitator Selection # 1030517."

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