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Open Innovation Africa Summit?: Shaping the Future of the African Innovation

Organized by infoDev, Nokia and Capgemini, the second Open Innovation Africa Summit (OIAS?) brought together more than 150 inspirational people from across the continent to shape the future of the African innovation society.

May 28 to 30, 2012 | Nairobi, Kenya

The 2nd OIAS² offered a highly motivating platform to continue high level debates among stakeholders (policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, financiers, researchers, etc.) on national or regional strategies that support strengthening of innovation ecosystems and emergence of African entrepreneurs and innovators.

Opening Speech by Nokia Middle East and Africa Vice President, Mr Jussi Hinkkanen

OIAS² also built on the results of the inaugural Open Innovation Africa Summit, organized in December 2010, by continuing to cultivate collaboration and to promote a reflective mindset among the African innovation ecosystem stakeholders and leaders by enabling a living dialogue and exchange of ideas from which practical outcomes and actions can be jointly agreed and pursued.


OIAS Demo Area

Demo area at the summit

The summit focused on the topic theme of leadership this year. Three days of sharing, debating and mapping out action plans across other four discussion streams (listed below) all dealt with entrepreneurship gave everyone tangible knowledge, along with tools and networks that can create and grow better companies, foster better business environments, and link entrepreneurs to capital. Participants chose their stream based on their background, passions and skills. The final outcome was a set of action plans per stream, with concrete timelines to take the work forward by stream participants.

Thematic Deep-dive Streams

Leadership for Innovation (Summit theme)

Stimulate discussion on leadership models and the type of leadership required to drive innovation in the 21st century Africa: turn plans into concrete results by collaborating and empowering teams, identify required skills and mindsets to successfully lead people, build organizations and mobilize teams towards the vision of the African innovation society.

Technology & Innovation Financing

Identify gaps in innovation financing and develop new approaches and propose methodologies for financing growth-oriented entry level SMEs: new types of angel and startup funds, venture capital and access to finance instruments. PDF Download

The Mobile Information Society

Examine mechanisms to speed up adoption of mobile solutions that bridge digital and information divides by stimulating the local developer ecosystem: mLabs as developer training and incubation hubs, disruptive monetization models and required policy and regulatory reforms to enable rapid expansion of the mobile content and application industry. PDF Download


Engage in the debate on how ICTs are transforming the African landscape for social and economic development: With a focus on ICT use in sectors like Health, Education, Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation, this theme will seek to identify successful projects that can be replicated and scaled up. PDF Download

The Ecosystem for Innovation

Explore practices, structures and policies needed to stimulate and create the enabling environment for innovation: Open Innovation models, collaboration platforms and policy instruments to stimulate cross-sectoral research and innovation. PDF Download

  OIAS Conference Photo

Participating in the summit discussion

The objective of OIAS² is to learn from leading practitioners and  to celebrate African leadership role models in the 21st century. It is agreed that to reach the ambitious targets for socio-economic development and indigenous innovation we need to adopt new models of leadership and organizational culture.

Innovation will only flourish in an environment where information flows uninterrupted and where people feel empowered and trusted. Fortunately, the participants in the summits are committed to track innovation activities and business plans in a sustainable path and the organizing partners will continue to identify, match and showcase African entrepreneurial solutions for Africa and the rest of the world. 

Keynote presentations, projects information, photos and videos can all be accessed here.

For sub-stream keynotes and discussion materials please select different tabs below -
Leadership for innovation
Ecosystem for Innovation 
Mobile Information Society 
Technology & Innovation Financing

More information, visit the OIAS² page on infoDev website and Nokia’s OIAS web page

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