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Region’s most talented mobile entrepreneurs compete in World Bank Group supported Nairobi startup pitch competition

Nairobi, June 18, 2014 - On June 24, infoDev, a global innovation and entrepreneurship program in the World Bank Group, will proudly support 25 exceptional mobile startups from across the region during the Pivot East 2014 pitching conference. Pivot East is East Africa’s premier mobile startup pitching competition held annually since 2011, a conference that was started by the infoDev-supported mLab East Africa.

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This year’s PIVOT East will have the presence of infoDev’s Program Manager Valerie D’Costa, who will speak about the world-wide program that helped build the mLabs and mHubs network. “infoDev was one of the early supporters of the mobile innovation ecosystem in Africa, and today we continue to strive to keep up with the ever-changing tech startup landscape,” says Valerie D’Costa. Representatives from two startups connected to mLab East Africa - Eneza Education and Ma3Route - will be present at infoDev’s booth to discuss their latest ventures.

Toni Eliasz, Mobile Innovation Specialist with World Bank / infoDev, and one of the discussants at the event, says that “the real success of Pivot EAST will be measured by the economic and social impact the participants create”.

According to infoDev, the ‘before and after care’ of innovation competitions is at least as important for startup creations as the contest itself. Pivot East model provides that type of support which is why infoDev has remained a key sponsor.

The PIVOT East Conference will take place June 24-25 and is open to the media.        

WHAT: PIVOT East: East Africa Mobile Conference

WHEN: June 24-25 (two full days)

WHO: Speakers include, among others:

  • Toni Kristian Eliasz, Mobile Innovations Specialist at infoDev. Speaking June 24 at 11:35am and 4:20pm
  • Valerie D’Costa, Program Manager at infoDev. Speaking June 25 at 2:10pm

WHERE: Panari Hotel in the spacious Palm Court Ballroom, Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa Rd, Nairobi Kenya

For more information:

For media requests, please contact:

Pivot East, Nairobi, Kenya

infoDev/World Bank, Washington DC

Egra Kemunto Ombati

Tel: +254 720 669 697


Angela Bekkers, Sr. Communications Officer

Tel: +1 202 458 8831


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