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Quick Guide: ICT and Education in the Pacific

The small island developing states of the Pacific face many challenges to their education systems -- and their ability to utilize ICTs to help address many of these challenges -- related to their small size, economic resources, geographic remoteness, population migrations, and environmental issues.


The best source of information about ICT and education issues in the Pacific can be found in the Pacific Archive of Digital Data for Learning and Education (PADDLE).  PADDLE facilitates the sharing of best practice and experience amongst the fifteen Pacific countries of the Project by providing access to all relevant education policy, planning and development material from the participating countries. Most of these documents have previously been unavailable in digital form.

PADDLE includes a set of documents related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  PADDLE was developed as part of the PRIDE Project (Pacific Regional Initiatives for the Delivery of basic Education), housed at the University of the South Pacific.

Useful documents

PRIDE has developed a useful overview document related to secondary education.

Additional documents of particular interest available in PADDLE include:

UNESCO's Metasurvey on the Use of Technologies in Education in Asia and the Pacific  includes short overviews of the state of ICT use in education in individual Pacific Island nations.

The Commonwealth of Learning prepared a report on the status and prospects for school networking in the Pacific.

The Asian Development Bank prepared a large overview survey of ICT and Education activities in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes attention to many Pacific Island states.

Recent events related to ICT and eduction in the Pacific

JICA sponsored a Regional Workshop on ICT in Education in Suva, Fiji (USP) from 25-29 January 2005.

infoDev and UNESCO sponsored a High Level Policymakers Forum and Capacity-Building Workshop on "Using the ICT in Education Toolkit for Policymakers, Planners and Practitioners" in September 2006 in Nadi/Lautoka, Fiji.

Notable project

The People First Network (PFnet) of the Solomon Islands is an email system that provides access to the Internet and email to remote locations on islands across thousands of square kilometres to have access using a simple computer, short-wave radio, and solar power. It includes many education initiatives.

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