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Quick Guide: Telecentres in International Institutions and Donor Agencies

Telecentres, Internet cafes, community multimedia centres, village computing: There are many names for similar initiatives that seek to provide shared public access to computers, the Internet and related  technologies to serve a variety of often inter-related developmental objectives.  Various versions of 'telecentre models' can be found in most countries, although questions of long-term sustainability are becoming increasingly acute for many initatives in this area.   

'Telecentres' have received a great deal of support and attention from international donor organizations and NGOs in the past decade; IDRC (especially through its support of the telecentre.org initiative) and UNESCO are two of the leading organizations quite active in this area:

IDRC & telecentre.org


Telecentre-related work in other prominent international organizations and NGOs

from ADB:

from AED:

from APC:

from APDIP:

from COL:

from CTA:

from CTCnet:

from FAO:

from Grameen Foundation:

from IDB:

from ITU:

from UNDP:


from UNPANB:

from USAID:

from the World Bank:

General telecentre resources

from iTrainOnline:

from the Development Gateway:

from Telecentre.org:

from the World Bank:

Other telecentre initiatives of note

Additional resources


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