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Ready for implementation: getting agro-processing moving around the world

A new series of assessment studies by infoDev analyzes challenges and opportunities offered by the development of Agribusiness Innovation Centers (AIC) in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Senegal and Nepal.

InfoDev’s Agribusiness Innovation Centers (AIC) seek to contribute to job creation, competitiveness, and inclusive growth by supporting the development of innovative enterprises in the agro-processing sector.

The initiative has broad relevance to a range of countries across the world and the service offering of each AIC is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the target market. As political-economic contexts and value chains differ dramatically, infoDev has developed a series of studies to better assess feasibility, opportunities, and potential impact of setting up AICs in five countries: Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Senegal and Nepal.

This extensive feasibility assessment engaged more than 700 local stakeholders in the five countries identified. In addition to a detailed analysis of the agribusiness sector and the several stakeholders involved, the studies outline the AIC business models developed for each target market.

The AIC initiative is part of the InfoDev’s Agribusiness Innovation Program (AIP), a pioneering project that seeks to catalyze inclusive growth by accelerating the development of innovative agribusinesses. Specifically, the program focuses on three main objectives:

  1. To develop and test new approaches to connecting innovative, growth oriented entrepreneurs to the knowledge, markets, networks and capital needed to advance their enterprises;
  2. Tobuild local capacity and enable public-private partnerships to deliver these approaches;
  3. To deliver solid methodologies to the development community for planning, supporting, monitoring and evaluating initiatives that advance the growth of innovative agribusiness enterprises through provision of financial and non-financial services.

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