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REOI: Development of a Sustainable & Replicable ICT Business Incubation Model

Deadline for submissions: May 9, 2008 by 11:59pm (EST)


Many business incubators and other types of business development service organizations have high cost structures and cannot be sustainable without significant public support.  However, there are promising examples of privately funded and sustainable incubators.  This assignment aims to draw lessons from these business incubator models to develop a model that could be sustainable and implemented at scale in developing countries, particularly in Africa. 


The Consultants will:

  • Identify sustainable ICT Business Incubators globally and select at least four for onsite analysis.  Based on the evaluation of these models, the Consultants will develop a “good practice” ICT Business Incubator model, including an analysis of how this model could be implemented at scale.  In order to assess the ICT Business Incubator model developed, the Consultants will evaluate how the model would be adapted and implemented in two African countries.  One of these countries will be Senegal and the other country will be determined in collaboration with infoDev. 
  • Develop an investment framework for evaluating prospective and existing business incubators that focus on high-growth, ICT enterprises.  This framework should identify the key criteria to be evaluated when considering an investment opportunity in an existing business incubator or to invest in the development of new business incubator. 
  • Identify potential private sector investors in Africa (e.g. banks, telcos, real estate developers) interested in implementing the ICT Business Incubator in multiple African countries.  In collaboration with infoDev and IFC, the Consultants will consider existing infoDev and IFC partners/clients, as well as a range of potential investors in order to identify the most promising investors. 
  • In partnership with infoDev and IFC, the consultants will invite these prospective investors to a Stakeholder Meeting in Africa to present the ICT Business Incubator model and a recommended approach for implementing such a model in Senegal and the other African country to be determined.   


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More information about this assignment is available in the attached Terms of Reference (ToR).

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