Salient Features o...

Salient Features of ICT/ICTE Industry

Financing Technology Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
Excerpted from infoDev's study of Financing Technology Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities.

Within the ICT/ICTE markets in the ten countries surveyed for this study, there are wide variations in terms of size, dynamism and composition. For example, the most established player, India, is in a league of its own in regards to turnover, exports and employment. The lease developed economies, such as Kenya and Senegal, have ICT/ICTE markets concentrated around a few lines of business, while the more advanced economies display substantially more diversification. There is often a strong correlation between diversification and innovativeness. The ten countries surveyed are:

The Established Players

  1. India - Over the past two decades, India has become a world leader in ICT/ICTE with strong R&D centers and ties to leading multi-national corporations.
  2. Brazil - With a large domestic market, good research facilities and manufacturing capabilities, Brazil is the leader in South America's growing ICT/ICTE market.

The Emerging Players

  1. The Phillipines - The cost-efficiency, good infrastructure and excellent linguistic capabilities of the Phillipines has allowed a rapidly developing outsourcing sector to complement the nation's strong manufacturing base.
  2. Argentina - Argentina's ICT/ICTE sector is recovering from the 2001 financial crisis and includes predominantly SMEs focused on distribution of IT equipment and the provision of "basic" IT services, though software development and value-added services are gaining ground.
  3. Morocco - A fast growing BPO sector and the success of some innovative payment and ERP systems is leading Morocco's ICT/ICTE industry which in 2006 employed more than 50,000 people and had a turnover of US$700-900 million.
  4. Ukraine - In recent years, a large pool of highly qualified people has allowed the Ukrainian ICT/ICTE industry to acquire important clients in the international outsourcing market for advanced R&D and software engineering.
  5. Vietnam - Multinational companies, such as Intel, Fujitsu, and Canon, have established a vibrant Vietnamese ICT industry focused upon the manufacture and assembly of hardware.
  6. Peru - Small and medium enterprises constitue the majority of Peru's nascent ICT/ICTE industry that focuses primarily on (i) the sale and maintanence of IT equipment, (ii) some customized software applications and (iii) the provision of fairly basic IT consulting services.

The Marginal Players

  1. Senegal - Good international connectivity and a well-educated, French-speaking population make Senegal's BPO sector the most promising within its small ICT/ICTE industry.
  2. Kenya - Kenya's modest ICT/ICTE sector consists mostly of vendors and installers of basic hardware and software applications, though the recent removal of import duties on components allowed the establishment of some assembly operations.

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