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infoDev is seeking to hire a short term consultant (STC) to assist the Digital Entrepreneurship Program team.

Application Deadline: April 20, 2015

World Bank Group – Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice

infoDev – Digital Entrepreneurship Program

Short Term Consulting Assignment: Terms of Reference

To Apply: Please email your covering letter, summarizing your relevant experience, along with your CV or resume, to with the subject line “DEP STC.”


InfoDev is an integral part of the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness (T&C) Global Practice. The T&C Global Practice helps client countries develop dynamic and resilient economies, expand market opportunities and enable private enterprise in order to increase productivity, growth, job creation and incomes, and thus contribute to ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.  In this context, infoDev tests and scales interventions to support growth-oriented entrepreneurs, such as creative venture incubators, accelerators, seed-funding schemes, mentorship programs, learning and analytics, and related approaches.

Our methodologies can be deployed to help countries address firm-level barriers to growth, link entrepreneurs to value chains, and encourage green growth, and as part of spatial or sector-specific strategies. InfoDev’s programs also yield bottom-up insights that can inform policy and provide an anchor for entrepreneurship programs delivered in partnership between government and the private sector. InfoDev focuses on innovative, growth-oriented entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs constantly seek new ways to grow their companies, and are, together, likely to have transformative impact in their economies. The innovations they bring to market not only increase competitiveness of their firms, but raise the overall productivity and competitiveness at the industry level. The outcomes include increased consumer choice, sustainable job creation, and a catalytic effect on related industries. InfoDev supports entrepreneurs by seeding and scaling the work of innovative business enablers (including early-stage funds, incubators, technical training and mentoring programs) that help entrepreneurs access the knowledge, capital and markets required to grow their businesses.

infoDev serves its clients, partners, and the wider development community by:

  • Developing and testing practical approaches to supporting growth-oriented entrepreneurs.
  • Tailoring interventions specifically for digital, climate and agribusiness enterprises, with cross-cutting components related to early-stage financing for enterprises, and to women-led startup firms.
  • Promoting inclusive strategies for entrepreneurship that benefits marginalized groups, women, minorities, youth, and others.
  • Influencing the global innovation and technology entrepreneurship agenda by convening a wide range of relevant stakeholder, including donors, development institutions, the private sector, academia and civil society organizations.

InfoDev’s Digital Entrepreneurship Program (DEP)

InfoDev’s Digital Entrepreneurship Program aims to empower digital technology entrepreneurs to bring locally-relevant, innovative products to emerging and frontier markets, as a key step in achieving equitable access to the opportunities created by the digital economy. It does so through two mutually-reinforcing approaches:

1)      Projects to support incubators, accelerators, and early-stage financing at the country and/or regional-level, delivered as a combination of World Bank-executed and recipient executed activities (including small grants, or as components of lending operations or RAS activities).

2)      Learning and knowledge activities, including evaluations and impact assessments of practical interventions to support entrepreneurship (implemented by infoDev, the World Bank, partner organizations or other third parties), as well as research on digital industry trends, entrepreneurship ecosystems and the role of entrepreneurship in service delivery across sectors such as healthcare and education, and its linkages to trade, productivity, competitiveness, and shared prosperity.

In FY10-14, infoDev pioneered digital/ICT incubators (mLabs), and networking organizations (mHubs) in 12 locations: Kenya (mLab and mHub), South Africa (mLab), Senegal (CTIC incubator), Uganda (mHub), Tanzania (Dar Teknohama incubator and mHub), Vietnam (mHub and mLab), Nepal (mHub), Armenia (mLab), Georgia (mHub), Moldova (mHub), Azerbaijan (mHub) and the Caribbean (mHub). In nearly all cases, the project involved partnerships with private sector actors (e.g. Nokia at the global level, and many other private sector partners at the local and regional levels) as well as with governments, academia and non-profit organizations. In addition, infoDev implemented a number of initiatives to support cultivation of angel investors and to improve the readiness of startups for investment and internationalization in these and other locations around the world, and to understand particular challenges of entrepreneurs operating at the “base of the pyramid.” Overall, the demand for services delivered through these enablers greatly exceeded the supply. At the same time, the level of sophistication of the startups and the digital ecosystems in which they work has increased, creating growing demand for more advanced programming delivered by digital enablers.

The methodological emphasis of the DEP is on encouraging long-term sustainability and scalability of business enablers (such as incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurial networks, mentoring, seed funds, etc.) by ensuring activities are delivered in partnerships between business, government and development agencies, including World Bank teams. Doing this effectively requires continuous learning about the economic and social development opportunity supported by the digital technology industry, which is itself going through a period of rapid innovation and change, and integration of lessons into the methodologies used to capitalize on this opportunity.  In FY 10-14, infoDev contributed to the World Bank’s flagship publication Information and Communication for Development 2012: Maximizing Mobile (,  and published studies on the use of “Mobile Apps at the Base of the Pyramid” ( ), assessments of mLabs and mHubs (, a guide to “Creating Your Own Angel Group” (, and an early consideration of Crowdfunding Potential for development (, among others.

In FY15-FY19, infoDev’s Digital Entrepreneurship Program will continue to invest in digital entrepreneurship enablers seeded during the first phase of the DEP, and will continue to build the capacity of the enablers to meet the needs of entrepreneurs at different stages of growth. This will include, for instance, pan-African acceleration activities designed to assist promising startups with integration into global markets, investor networks, and supply chains.  To complement these activities, the DEP team will also undertake a series of research and knowledge activities, including designing a Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Diagnostics methodology, refining the DEP Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, conducting a study on venture acceleration models, and producing a discussion paper on Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy.

FY15-19 DEP Provisional Projects and Activities:

Scope of Work

infoDev is seeking to hire a short term consultant (STC) to assist the DEP team with:

  • Managing research and analytical activities, including assisting with evaluation and selection of research teams, reviewing drafts, and coordinating production of reports from initiation to completion;
  • Implementation of projects, including those related to support for incubation and acceleration of digital enterprises around the world;
  • Coordinating outreach to DEP stakeholders, and communicating their feedback to the team, as required;
  • Development of new projects and activities;
  • Other tasks as agreed.

The consultant will report to the Digital Entrepreneurship Program Co-Lead.


  • Be available a minimum of 35 hours per week, for 150 days each fiscal year;
  • Be available to work at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC;
  • Be able to travel up to 40% of time;
  • Master's degree in a social science or a professional discipline or equivalent experience;
  • At least 2-5 years of experience in, and a passion for research and writing;
  • Strong understanding of concepts related to emerging market entrepreneurship, including venture incubation, acceleration, and startup access to early stage capital;
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit and experience working in or with a start-up;
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills and a positive, team-spirited approach to working with others.
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently.
  • Experience working in a multicultural team.

Expected Scope and Duration of Assignment

The consultant will be hired for a minimum of 30 days in FY 2015, with strong possibility of extension, depending on performance.

Deadline: April 20, 2015

To Apply: Please email your covering letter, summarizing your relevant experience, along with your CV or resume, to with the subject line “DEP STC.”

We sincerely thank all applicants for their interest in infoDev and the World Bank Group. Please note that we can only respond to those selected for an interview.

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