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Looking for a mobile entrepreneur to inform development of our Mobile Innovation program during a six-week residency at our offices in Washington. Apply by October 30.

infoDev is seeking an established entrepreneur from emerging and frontier markets to inform strategy development of the Mobile Innovation Program and infoDev as a whole. The entrepreneur will be an integral part of the infoDev team for a six-week term, during which time s/he will be based at infoDev’s offices in Washington, DC.  Our emphasis in selection of an EIR will be on the entrepreneur’s knowledge of market conditions and mobile innovation ecosystems in their country and region. Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. 

Applications due: October 30, 2013


Part of the World Bank’s Financial and Private Sector Development Network, infoDev is an expert team focused on technology entrepreneurship and innovation as a source of competitiveness and sustainable job creation. In response to the many hurdles faced by entrepreneurs in developing countries, infoDev works to improve competitiveness, employment and sustainable, inclusive growth by helping innovative, technology-enabled ventures succeed. infoDev serves its clients, donors, partners, and the wider development community by:

  • Experimenting and pioneering on-the-ground approaches to supporting growth-oriented entrepreneurs in developing countries;
  • Influencing the global innovation and technology entrepreneurship agenda;
  • Developing and implementing scalable programs specifically targeted for mobile, climate and agribusiness enterprises;
  • Promoting inclusive strategies that benefit marginalized groups, women, people living in extreme poverty (i.e., users at the “base of the pyramid”), minorities, youth, and others.

infoDev’s Mobile Innovation Program

The Mobile Innovation Program team enables the development of innovative, sustainable mobile application enterprises. We do this by: 1) convening local and global innovation networks of mobile developers and entrepreneurs; 2) enabling entrepreneurship on the ground; 3) researching the economic opportunity for mobile entrepreneurs in the global South. For more information, please visit

Scope of Work

infoDev will be selecting a single founder for a six-week term to work on their business while advising infoDev’s Mobile Innovation Program team on its strategy development and implementation of activities.  The entrepreneur will benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, access to office space and other useful resources as needed and available.


To apply, please send your CV, along with  answers to the following questions, to Kalyah Ford, with the subject line EIR.

  • What is your company name?
  • Are you one of the founders of the company? If so, who are the other founders, and who would you like to nominate for the EIR position?
  • What is your product/company URL?
  • Can your or another founder of your company be in the Washington, DC area for a period of six (6) weeks at a mutually agreeable time over the next six months?
  • Introduce your team. Please tell us more about your team by introducing up to 3 people on your team in the following section.
    • Founder 1 (required)
      • Founder Name 
      • Founder Role (e.g. business development, technical lead, sales, marketing) *
      • Founder Email
        • This will be the primary contact email for this application where we will send status updates. We require only one email address.
      • LinkedIn Profile
        • Please list the full URL
    • Founder 2
      • Founder Name
      • Founder Role (e.g. business development, technical lead, sales, marketing)
      • LinkedIn Profile (Please list the full URL)
    • Founder 3
      • Founder Name
      • Founder Role (e.g. business development, technical lead, sales, marketing)
      • LinkedIn Profile (Please list the full URL)
    • Other key team members
      • You may optionally tell us about additional team members. (100 words)
    • Tell us something impressive that each founder has built or achieved.
      • Include supporting links to images, press coverage, video, etc that supports your story. (Please keep this under 250 words.)
  • Why you and your product?
    • Here's your chance to tell us about your product and company and why it's going to have the greatest impact on government. Please pay attention to the word limits.
  • What is the pain point you’re addressing? How large is this opportunity? (Limit 250 words)
  • How does your product or service solve this pain point? What is unique about what you’re doing? (Limit 250 words)
  • Where are you in your company lifecycle? What have you achieved to date? (Limit 250 words)
  • What makes you different? Why is it that you will be successful when so many have struggled or failed? (Limit 150 words)
  • What do you hope to accomplish through the infoDev EIR program? (Limit 150 words)
  • Please share an optional one minute video about your company. Explain what you're doing and why, and tell us about yourself as an entrepreneur. If you opt to include a video, please upload to a major video sharing website and include the link. Do not send large files.

Thank you for your interest!  We regret that we can only notify successful candidates.

We would like to acknowledge the San Francisco EIR program for inspiration for this program:

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