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Short term consultant - Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Application deadline: July 12, 2013
Application deadline: July 12, 2013



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infoDev is seeking to hire a Senior Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) expert as a short term consultant to assist in the design and development of the RBM system, and the initial implementation of a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF). 


infoDev ( is a World Bank trust funded program, which works at the intersection of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to create opportunities for inclusive growth, job creation and poverty reduction. infoDev assists governments and technology-focused small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow jobs, improve capacity and skills, increase access to finance and markets, ensure the appropriate enabling policy and regulatory environment for business to flourish, and test out innovative solutions in developing country markets.

infoDev has recently finalized its 3-year Work Program for 2013-2015, which sets out the common vision of the infoDev team, donors, clients, FPD, World Bank, and technology partners.   

infoDev programs are funded by a multitude of donors. Each donor has specific requirements for reporting.  As a unit within the World Bank Group’s Financial and Private Sector (FPD) Network, infoDev has to report using common indicators as this is derived from the overall strategy of FPD and WBG. 

infoDev wants to develop a robust Results-based Management (RBM) system for the unit and  its programs.  The RBM system will enable infoDev to measure its development results and evaluate the outcomes and impact of its activities. It will allow infoDev to better identify, collect, collate, interpret and utilise data on progress and results to guide program improvement, meet reporting and accountability requirements, and support infoDevs communications.

The RBM system will comprise infoDev harmonized Development Goals and expected results, a core set of development indicators that are common across all infoDev programs, and templates for infoDev partners/implementing agencies to use in data collection. This reporting requirement will be standardized across all infoDev programs regardless of donor source though not all programs will request the same data at the same time. infoDev is also currently in the process of setting up a Multi-Donor trust fund aligned with its work program.  As infoDev transitions to Multi-donor Trust Fund, common reporting and implementation timelines will be synchronized.

infoDev is seeking to hire a Senior Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) expert as a short term consultant to assist in the design and development of the RBM system, and the initial implementation of a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF).


The main objectives of the assignment are:

  1. Develop a high-level RBM system including a Performance Measurement Framework  for infoDev with common indicators;
  2. Provide a clear assessment of data needs and resource requirements
  3. Provide an assessment of M&E readiness and capacity.
  4. Harmonize performance indicators, monitoring tools, evaluation methodologies and approaches for all infoDev programs.
  5.  Develop PMFs for all infoDev programs to provide continuous accountability to all stakeholders including donors;
  6.  Investigate new web-based methods of conducting results measurement, including data collection; and  Capture lessons learnt to influence future program design.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for designing the RBM system involves the tasks outlined below. For effective implementation, it is assumed that a Senior M&E consultant will work closely with a junior consultant to be recruited concurrently.

1.      Assess the existing readiness and capacity for RBM system , which includes assessing:

  •  Existing M&E policies and results frameworks, if any, at the infoDev and program level;
  • Use of institutional results tools such as results frameworks;
  • Adequacy of existing data sources;
  • Use of data and processes for results reporting;
  • Adequacy of approaches to program attribution;
  • Clarity and understanding of roles and responsibilities of staff involved in M&E;
  • Adequacy of technical skills;
  • Effectiveness and use of quality assurance procedures and guidelines for monitoring and evaluations;
  • Existing incentives for measuring and reporting on results; and
  • Key drivers enabling or constraining results-based M&E and opportunities for strengthening these key drivers.

2.      Conceptualize and design the RBM system /M&E Framework, which includes

  • Identifying the information needs that underpin the RBM system  approach, including managerial, corporate or specific donor requirements, if any;
  • Define reporting requirements and formats for standard reports which includes the data to be collected, source of data, frequency of data collection, responsibility for collecting, analyzing, reporting and use of data
  • Assessing the linkage with the World Bank’s  country and sector strategies
  • In collaboration with InfoDev Task Team Leaders (TTL), leading the development of an appropriate RBM system (logic model and PMF) for infoDev as a unit and for each separate program; Develop  set of key performance indicators (SMART indicators) in consultation with staff, any other internal and external stakeholders;
  • Develop appropriate M&E tools and processes; and
  • Establish baseline and realistic targets for infoDev and each program.

3.      Develop a robust Management Information System

  • Explore the cost and cost effectiveness of developing an operational management system for linking different programs and stakeholders for ease of tracking the results; and
  • Explore and recommend options of a web-based reporting system.

4.      Develop capacity to manage and report on results on a continuous basis

  • Conduct workshop and provide hands-on support to results focal point and other key staff to implement the proposed RBM system; and
  • Suggest appropriate institutional requirements (e.g. staff, funding, quality of evaluations, integration into Business plans, supporting IT systems etc.) to track results on a sustained basis.

Expected Deliverables:

1.      Readiness Assessment report

2.      RBM which will include the Logic model and PMF for infoDev and each program that is on-going or under design;

3.      SIDA (mobile): RBM  framework, methodologies and process for monitoring and evaluation of SIDA-funded mobile innovation activities;

4.      Agribusiness: Design framework and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation and impact assessments of the Agribusiness Innovation Program;

5.      MENA MSME (stage 1 ESIF TA): Design  framework and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation and impact assessments the MENA MSME projects to be pitched to SECO;

6.      New Multi-donor Trust Fund: A comprehensive M&E and possible impact assessment design an

d M&E framework, methodologies and process for the new MDTF.

7.      CTP Innovation Monitoring System (IMS):   Assess and inform the design of an online M&E system that will be central to tracking results for country-level CIC activities. Help to harmonize CTP donor reporting into overall CTP M&E format. This M&E system will be eventually developed into a product to be used for CIC-host country policy makers to capture broader domestic climate innovation activity outside of the CICs. In addition, the IMS will be used to inform exchange programs and training sessions for the different CIC host-country governments.

8.      Training materials and events

Educational Qualification / Work Experience

The ideal candidate must possess:

A Masters in Business Studies, Economics, development, administration or other related fields as well as applied training in quantitative analysis/statistics.

At least 15 years working experience in M&E preferably related to Entrepreneurship development, innovation and technology, climate change related investments and access to finance preferably with an international organization or bilateral donor organisations is required.

  • Experience in using M&E tools including logic frameworks, monitoring matrices and databases in low/middle- income countries.
  • Experience working with the World Bank IFC Advisory services or any other MDBS and familiarity with standard indicators development under the OECD would be added advantage.
  • A practical, logical and systematic approach to work; Versatile in M and E processes and systems.
  • Experience and familiarity with qualitative and quantitative methods, data collection and analysis, establishing M&E systems and producing reports.
  •  Demonstrated high attention to detail, ability to complete tasks, meet deadlines and work cooperatively with team members.
  • Ability to conduct research and analysis on difficult, but well defined tasks; articulate issues and recommend solutions.

Work Schedule: 

The consultant is expected to start by August 15 2013 for 10 weeks.  The detailed schedule will discussed at inception report development stage in collaboration with infoDev team.

The consultant will report to Ms Grace Kyokunda


A resume and cover letter explaining how the consultant would deliver the tasks described in this TOR should be submitted on the World Bank's eConsult2 service 

All interested applicants should send an email to Eleanor Ereira, referencing selection number 1112815 on econsult deadline for applications is July 12, 2013. 

The econsultant2 website is down until 10:00AM EST on Friday, July 5, 2013, so the deadline has been extended to July 12, 2013. If you have any difficulties submitting an application, please submit a query on the econsultant2 website.

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