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Short Term Consultant: Women and Girls-led Innovation, Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center

Applications close Sunday, November 20, 2011

infoDev is seeking a local Short Term Consultant to co-lead the development of a Women and Girls strategic approach to the Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Ethiopia. This work will inform the design of Ethiopia's planned CIC which is being supported by the UK's DFID in partnership with a number of Ethiopian Ministries.

Applications should be submitted, in English, electronically through World Bank Group eConsultant2 (  The selection number is 1051217. PLEASE CLICK ON "BIDDING OPPORTUNITIES" - DO NOT LOGIN.

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infoDev is a Global Partnership Program, coordinated and served by an expert Secretariat housed in the Finance and Private Sector Vice Presidency (FPDVP) of the World Bank Group. Its strategic goal is to promote the growth of technology enterprises to enhance sustainable inclusive growth, competiveness, and jobs. infoDev focuses on the following key areas to achieve its goal: (i) assisting in taking technologies to market; (ii) assisting in creating and growing sustainable enterprises that are technology-enabled; (iii) promoting an enabling environment for innovation and adoption of appropriate technologies to promote enterprise growth as well as ensure effective competition so that the market functions to widen access to technology at affordable prices; (iv) disseminating research and best practices to enhance growth and sustainability of enterprises in the technology and technology-enabled space; (v) building capacity to enhance the sustainability of enterprises; and (vi) providing technical assistance to incubators to ensure Access to Finance (A2F) and Access to Markets (A2M).

infoDev is a thought leader in technology-enabled small business incubation. infoDev’s global incubation network encompasses 300 plus business incubators and more than 20,000 small and medium enterprises, and has helped create over 220,000 jobs across 87 developing countries. Within the World Bank Group, infoDev has also been recognized as being cutting-edge in its use of web-based resources to develop, publish, and disseminate its work and facilitate debate and interaction among and between client countries and donors.

Building on infoDev’s SME development and incubation success, the Climate Technology Program (CTP) was launched. The CTP is developing a global network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) that provide a country-driven approach to climate change which allows countries to achieve their green growth objectives. Each CIC will provide early stage financing and other services to enable domestic industry and SMEs to pro-actively and profitably develop innovative climate technology (Cleantech) solutions that meet local needs.  This not only helps a country address climate change challenges but creates economic development, job creation and industrial competitiveness.

The Centers are designed via an extensive in-country stakeholder engagement where market barriers preventing innovation and entrepreneurship are identified. Programs are then designed to remove barriers by providing a range of services at the local level including financing, technical assistance, market information, policy advice and capacity building.

Based on infoDev’s experience developing business plans for CICs in Kenya and India, each Center is projected to support over 70 innovative climate technology enterprises, generate over 20,000 direct and indirect jobs, provide solutions for adapting to climate change and mitigate 1.5-2m tones of C02.

The first CIC will be launched in Kenya in CY11, with a total budget of USD 15M over 5 years, sponsored by DANIDA and DFID. The development of CICs in the South Africa, Ethiopia the Caribbean, Morocco and Vietnam is planned in the next fiscal year.

infoDev’s vision is to build a global network of 30 Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) that will create over 2,400 enterprises, generate 240,000 direct and indirect jobs, install 3000 MW of off-grid energy capacity, provide energy access to over 28 million people, deliver clean water to over 10 million households, and mitigate 65 million tons of CO2.

The CIC in Ethiopia is being designed with and funded by the UK Department for International Development.  DFID Ethiopia has made a commitment to put women and girls at the centre of all new programs.  The design of the CIC provides a unique and exciting opportunity to design the CIC based on robust evidence related to gender and entrepreneurship, private sector development, local climate technology industries and to innovate new areas and approaches to green technologies.  The center will ensure that women are supported through programs, services and financing that will integrate them in domestic climate smart technology value chains. DFID Ethiopia’s commitment to put women and girl at the centre of the CIC in Ethiopia is intended to be integrated into future CIC design and implementation.  This is in line with the Government of Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation plan which stresses the participation and empowerment of women and youth, in recognition that they have neither benefited from nor contributed to Ethiopia’s development

Scope of Work

infoDev is seeking a local Short Term Consultant (STC) to co-lead the development of a Women and Girl’s strategic approach to the Climate Innovation Center in Ethiopia. This work will inform the design of Ethiopia’s planned CIC which is being supported by the UK’s DFID in partnership with a number of Ethiopian Ministries.

The local Consultant will be primarily responsible for:

  • Developing a conceptual framework for putting women and girls at the centre of climate innovation and green growth value chains which can inform design choices for the CIC.
  • Summarizing and analyzing international and Ethiopia-specific evidence in relation to gender, low carbon growth, climate technologies and private sector development. This will include conducting research and analysis on women and girl’s roles in innovation value chains in climate sectors in Ethiopia and their potential as innovators, designers, engineers, business owners, entrepreneurs, technology suppliers, distributers and adopters
  • Designing alternative financing models to reach women and girls.
  • Designing innovative women owned business models to reach the last mile distribution.
  • Conducting in-country primary research via consultation and engagement with local stakeholders.
  • Developing recommendations and results in relation to strategies for mainstreaming and/or targeting women and girls as key participants in the CIC design.  
  • Drafting an Implementation Plan for a Women and Girl-led Innovation component of the Ethiopia CIC. This should include recommendations for institutional structures, capacity, resources and mechanisms of accountability required to ensure that gender is mainstreamed through the CIC.

Using these inputs, the local Consultant will work closely with an international Consultant to develop a woman and girl’s Implementation/Action Plan for the CIC which will include (i) gender-specific programs, services and financing the CIC will offer and (ii) cross-cutting or mainstreamed gender functions for the other programmatic offerings of the CIC. The Implementation Plan will be developed in parallel to infoDev’s broader design work on the Ethiopian Center with a summary of the work featuring in a chapter on Women and Girl-led Innovation within the overall CIC business plan. The Consultant will be required to coordinate the above activities with private sector, and various gender experts within the World Bank, DFID, Nike Foundation and infoDev’s other in-country Consultants.

The Consultants will report to the infoDev’s Ethiopia CIC Task Team Leader and coordinate with DFID’s Ethiopia’s Senior Social Development Adviser.


  • Proven experience and track record working on gender-related issues in developing countries especially in private sector, environment, energy, and/or climate change sectors.
  • Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of women and girls’ roles in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology including associated programs, policies, institutions and organizations focused on this agenda in Ethiopia.
  • Demonstrated understanding of general climate technology and agricultural sectoral dynamics in Ethiopia.
    Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills that will result in successful interaction with local stakeholders and relevant experts within DFID, Nike and the World Bank Group.
  • Demonstrated ability in conducting primary and secondary research, research analysis and report writing.
    Evidence of strong project management skills that will lead to on-time delivery of expected outcomes.
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently.
  • Experience working in a multicultural team.
  • Fluency in English is required.
  • At least 8 years relevant professional work experience.
  • Fluency in Amharic is preferred.
  • East Africa-based candidates highly preferred.

Expected Scope and Duration of Assignment:

  • Each Consultant will be hired for up to 45 days during the period of October 2011 through April 2012.
  • Please submit an up-to-date resume and cover letter of no more than two pages outlining the key opportunities and challenges for supporting women and girl-led climate innovation in Africa.
  • Applications close Sunday November 20, 2011.

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