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Technologies for Teacher Professional Development: The use of computers and the Internet

Excerpted from the infoDev publication, Using Technology to Train Teachers: Appropriate Uses of ICT for Teacher Professional Development in Developing Countries.

Guiding questions

  • In what parts of our school systems are teachers ready to develop the intermediate and advanced skills supported by computers and the Internet?
  • How will computers and the Internet extend and improve our TPD efforts?
  • To take advantage of available capacities and infrastructure, and to meet teachers’ needs, should we locate computers for TPD in schools, teacher training colleges, or regional centers?
  • What is the outlook for gains in national electrical infrastructure? In technical-support capacity? How do these projections affect planning for the use of computers and the Internet?
  • Do other technologies, such as radio, or other models, such as site-based TPD, have greater potential to meet our objectives?


  • Potential Uses and Benefits
  • The Uganda VSAT Rural Connnectivity Project
  • Lessons Learned
  • Computers and the Internet in Teacher Training Colleges
  • ConnectED Uganda
  • Computers and the Internet in Schools
  • Enlaces: Chile’s Nationwide Learning Network
  • Impact of Computers in Schools on Teaching and Learning
  • Computers and the Internet in Regional Teacher Centers
  • The Uganda EFA Curriculum Project
  • Cost Considerations
  • Overall Costs, Enlaces
  • Installation, Operating and TPD Costs, Uganda VSAT Project
  • Strategic Planning for Computer Support of TPD
  • Starting Slow: Enlaces
  • Focus on Primary Schools: Omar Dengo Foundation

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