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Technologies for Teacher Professional Development: The use of video

Excerpted from the infoDev publication, Using Technology to Train Teachers: Appropriate Uses of ICT for Teacher Professional Development in Developing Countries.

Guiding questions

  • What professional-development goals will video help us address?
  • What existing or planned programs for education improvement could benefi t from video-supported TPD?
  • What organizational structures, such as school clusters or district offices, can assist with sharing and use of video equipment?
  • To what extent does limited infrastructure, especially electrical power, pose a challenge? How might this challenge be overcome?
  • If real gains in terms of teaching can be achieved through the introduction of video, what is the estimated addition to the cost per teacher trained?


  • Video Recording and Playback for TPD
  • Video for Observation and Self-Assessment
  • Video Support for Teacher Change in Congo
  • New Video Tools
  • Strategic Considerations
  • Web Resource

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