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Telecommunication Regulation Handbook (Español)

Practical Handbook for Telecommunications Regulators

The Handbook for Telecommunications Regulators provides regulators with a reference source on the main telecommunication regulatory practices and procedures currently utilized around the world.

The Telecommunications Regulation handbook is one of Infodev's most successful products. The handbook has been used in several capacity building events, translated and published in six languages, and downloaded numerous times from infoDev's website. The Telecom Regulatory Toolkit (2004) is an evolution from the Handbook. The new product, planned as a set of modules in a electronic Toolkit format (resembling the Port Toolkit and the Governance Toolkit recently published by the WBG) will have strong resemblance to the content, methodology and design of the previous work. However it will offer new and updated content in a web-based presentation. It will be a practical tool for regulators and is expected to have continued relevance for the next five years.

The Handbook focuses on good-practice available to implement clear and effective regulatory reform initiatives required for the introduction of competition, privatization and more efficient telecom markets in emerging and industrialized economies. It includes introductory descriptions and overviews of the regulatory methods employed by regulators in different countries. 

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