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Training Coordinator - Business (Short Term Consultant) – Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project

Application Deadline: April 14, 2014





Seeking an experienced consultant on a short-term consultancy basis based in Jamaica to train early stage mobile applications (app) entrepreneurs in the Caribbean in area of business development.

The World Bank is seeking an experienced consultant on a short-term consultancy basis based in Jamaica to train early stage mobile applications (app) entrepreneurs in the Caribbean in area of business development. Please submit your application no later than 11.59PM EST on April 14, 2014 via the World Bank's eConsult2 system (‎), selection # 1139847.

Project Background

The World Bank Group is supporting the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Jamaica and the Caribbean. In the past, relevant initiatives have included Digital Jam 2.0 and 3.0, pitchIT Caribbean, as well as the CARCIP program.

infoDev, a Global Partnership Program in the Financial and Private Sector Development Network of the World Bank Group, has the strategic goal of promoting the growth of technology enterprises. Currently, it is implementing the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC –, a 7-year, CAD 20 million program funded by the Government of Canada which covers 14 CARICOM countries. EPIC is designed to create and grow competitive Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across the region. Within the program, there are three activity pillars (mobile innovation, climate technology, and women’s entrepreneurship) which are complemented by an access to finance component and capacity building for incubation professionals involved in the program.

Followed by extensive stakeholder consultation and market testing the Mobile Innovation Program of infoDev (www.infodev/mobile) is establishing the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project (CMIP), a two-tiered partnership approach to support growth-oriented mobile apps businesses in the region. The CMIP aims (1) to strengthen the Caribbean mobile innovation ecosystem and (2) to enable sustainable and competitive mobile enterprises to grow through a number of regional and local activities that will target early stage innovators and guide them to market and investment readiness. The desired outcome is the creation of a regional pool of high-growth potential mobile startups with the capacity to release their apps to the market and raise additional capital to grow. The World Bank, through infoDev, directly partners with a Caribbean based consortium as the Regional Coordinator, which will implement and coordinate the regional activities of the project. In order to provide services on the ground, the Regional Coordinator will also select partners on six islands, which will act as hubs for the local technology communities (mHubs).


Relatively low technical and business capacity by mobile innovators and promising startup teams is one of the key gaps and challenges of the nascent Caribbean mobile innovation ecosystem. Training activities in infoDev supported mLabs in Armenia (, Kenya (, and South Africa ( have shown that training, which is directly applied to startup development, has guided and encouraged teams to complete their ideas into marketable products, and it has significantly increased necessary skills (and their employability if entrepreneurship has not been an option). For example, a recent study by University of Nairobi ( highlighted the successful outcomes of a training course by the mLab East Africa, which cover two areas of mobile development: business training focused on establishing and building a startup (i.e. monetization strategies, business modeling, and customer relations) and technical training focused on developing mobile apps (i.e. USSD, J2me, and HTML5).

The CMIP will be launching regional startup activities with local partners throughout the Caribbean in spring 2014. Followed by the promising examples with existing mLabs, the activities will include a mobile app startup training course, which will be initially provided to cultivate the top app entrepreneurial talent in Jamaica and the region (identified through the Digital Jam 3.0 challenge), and then replicated in multiple islands throughout the region together with the CMIP Regional Coordinator. The training will follow a curriculum that will be developed for the Caribbean context by an organization contracted by infoDev (“Content Provider”), including the necessary Train-of-Trainers materials that will facilitate an efficient knowledge transfer to the Consultant.

Project Objectives, Methodology, and Scope of Work

The objective is to pilot the content of the training course and provide training to roughly 30 individuals and entrepreneurs representing Jamaican and Caribbean mobile innovation ecosystem. There are two Training Coordinators (one for business topics covered in this ToR, and another one for technical topics), who are expected to work closely together as a training team. The Consultant will receive training by the Content Provider (through a virtual and in-person train the trainer sessions) in order to build the necessary training capacity.

The goal of the training course is to support mobile apps entrepreneurs to move their idea from “mind-to-market.” It is intended that the training course will be a part-time course over three to four months on nights and weekends in order for entrepreneurs who are currently working to attend. There will be pre-requisites for individuals to enter the training program. Since the technical training is highly specialized, individuals will need a basic background in software development / computer programming.

Most of the training participants will be Jamaican, and a suitable training facilitation will be organized in Kingston. However, some participants are located outside of Kingston, including other CARICOM member states, which would need to be catered through applicable virtual channels.

During the project, participating mobile application enterprises are expected to significantly increase their skills and capacity related to key mobile app development aspects. After the actual training pilot, at the end of the project, the Consultant is required to support the Content Provider with the refinement of the curriculum.

It is expected that this will be an 80 day assignment for the duration of between five to six months starting immediately.

Duties and Responsibilities

Project Preparations

  • Together with the CMIP task team, and the Content Creator, contribute to the development of a detailed plan of the training sessions over the course of 3-4 months.
  • Work closely with the Content Provider and participate the necessary Train-the-Trainer sessions
  • Support to secure a location(s) for the training to occur, including the virtual delivery channel to cater participants outside of Kingston.
  • Facilitate participant coordination, including ensuring efficient communication to the training participants, necessary training administration (including registrations), and the necessary monitoring and evaluation activities, such as baseline skills surveys.

Training Activities

  • Lead the delivery of the Mobile App Business Development topics of the training curriculum to roughly 30 individuals and entrepreneurs identified from the Digital Jam 3.0 competition. List of topics in the curriculum is expected to include lean methodology, business model canvas, app monetization, access to finance, product development process management, marketing and sales of mobile products, team management and strategic planning.

Monitoring and Evaluation

By working closely with the Content Provider, and the CMIP task team, review the training and its outcomes in order to see areas which need to be updated and/or improved (including the training curriculum and the Train-the-Trainer material). The responsibilities will include in particular (but not limited to):

  • Interview targeted participants about the curriculum and structure of the training.
  • Complete a report analyzing the outcomes of the training and including suggested areas of improvement.
  • Improve the Train-the-Trainer materials based on the analysis. The revised materials will be used to train local Training Coordinators on other Caribbean islands.

Selection Criteria

  • Master’s Degree in a related discipline and at least 3 years of relevant experience
  • Experience delivering business development course curriculum and implementing training activities in the Caribbean/Jamaica, preferred if related to mobile app development
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with mobile business and app development, specifically in Jamaica and the Caribbean context
  • Knowledge of startup methodologies (i.e. lean startup, minimum viable product, business model canvas)
  • Understanding of operating and business environment of – and preferably experience in working with – enterprise enablers, startup accelerators, and business incubators in Jamaica and the Caribbean
  • Strong project management skills that will lead to on-time delivery of expected outcome
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently and as a team
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Must be based in Jamaica and be able to provide in-person training in Kingston

Apply now at‎ (selection # 1139847)

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