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Training Module on Agribusiness Incubation

infoDev aims to offer its training program - including the agribusiness incubation training module - to as many developing country and emerging market stakeholders who express demand for it, as possible. The "Train-the-Trainer" program coaches experienced business incubator managers to deliver infoDev's training program on behalf of infoDev and its regional networks. Certified trainers go through a rigorous evaluation process that tests their knowledge in business incubation as well as their skills in delivering training with a participant-centered, interactive approach. To know more about infoDev's business incubation management training program, view the program brochure.

The Agribusiness incubation trainee manual and slides are available here for self-learning but the best learning outcomes are captured through face-to-face learning.

The program offers an effective "how to" course for professionals looking to use business incubation to enable the start-up and growth of innovative agribusiness enterprises in developing countries and interested in designing a new agribusiness incubator or strengthening an existing one.

Through a specialized training course, professionals can have the knowledge they need to foster the growth of innovative agribusiness enterprises in developing countries through business incubation. The course is part of infoDev's Business Incubation Management Training Program. 


What can agribusiness incubators provide?

  • Advice on strategy, management, operations, marketing and technology.
  • Access to market linkages, technology, finance, equipment, and facilities.
  • Guidance on regulatory requirements, quality and safety standards.

The Agribusiness Incubation training course has been designed as an effective "how to" course for business incubator managers and stakeholders interested in designing a new agribusiness incubator or strengthening an existing one.

The training course was developed on the basis of infoDev's Global Good Practice Assessment on agribusiness incubation, and the inputs of infoDev's growing community of practice on the same topic.

The course outlines the challenges associated with incubation in the agricultural sector specifically; provides an overview of the various types of agribusiness incubator models that can be pursued and what outcomes can be expected; it also engages participants in a discussion on critical success factors for the establishment and operations of agribusiness incubators. Concepts are illustrated by practical examples drawn from agribusiness incubator failures and successes, and a set of templates for various aspects of the agribusiness incubation planning process and operations are included.


Successful agribusiness incubators:

  • Enable entrepreneurs to successfully establish and grow their businesses.
  • Help entrepreneurs manage risks associated with agricultural products.
  • Increase coordination between actors within target value chains.
  • Create demonstration cases that catalyze new business start-ups.

The aim is to empower agribusiness incubation stakeholders to successfully develop an effective innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem where innovative agribusiness entrepreneurs can flourish.

This training course was made possible due to the generous contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland in the framework of the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy program.

infoDev's Training Program at a Glance


  • Module 1 - Business Incubation Definitions and Principles
  • Module 2 - Business Incubator Models, including Success Factors


  • Module 3 - Planning a Business Incubator
  • Module 4 - Business Incubation Marketing and Stakeholder Management
  • Module 5 - Financing a Business Incubator
  • Module 6 - Managing the Business Incubator
  • Module 7 - Monitoring, Evaluating and Benchmarking Business Incubators


  • Module 8 - Implementing Mentoring as a Business Incubation Service
  • Module 9 - deals and Financing for Incubator Clients
  • Module 10 - Technology Commercialization through Business Incubation
  • Module 11 - Setting Up Business Incubation Virtual Services
  • Module 12 - Agribusiness Incubation

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