CSBKE Publications

CSBKE Publications

Over its three-year lifespan, the Finland-supported Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy (CSBKE) has helped thousands of innovators launch a business, grow it, and create sustainable, inclusive jobs. All along, we have been researching and exploring exciting new development opportunities. The result is this collection of documents—a foundational library on entrepreneurship support and an essential starting point for future innovation programs.


Publications Catalogue (Download Printable Catalogue)

Do mLabs Make a Difference?

Assessment of key performance indicators, including effects on startup creation and development, development impact through the use of mobile applications and mLabs’ contribution to entrepreneurial ecosystems

The Business Models of mLabs and mHubs—an Evaluation of infoDev’s Mobile Innovation Support Pilots

In-depth analysis of the working of mLabs and mHubs, including successes, avenues for improvement, and future network opportunities 

Strengthening Capacities for Innovation through Agribusiness Incubation Training

Analyzes the effects of infoDev’s Agribusiness Incubation Training

The training has been provided to 149 people from 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America

Growing Food, Products and Businesses

Aggregates agribusiness incubation lessons from 10 case studies across Latin America, Asia, and Africa

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Assessment Toolkit

Comprehensive tool for evaluating and developing
innovative agribusiness ventures focused on value chain processes
Designed to complement infoDev’s incubation and
training initiatives in the space

Growth Oriented Women Entrepreneurs in the Mekong

Details a new methodology for increasing the                 capacity, confidence and networks of growth-oriented women leading small businesses
In-depth analysis of impacts for women entrepreneurs in Cambodia, Laos,and Vietnam

Connecting Entrepreneurs and Investors: Lessons Learned

Codifies lessons for generating cooperation and exchange of funding, networks, and knowledge between financiers and innovative firms

Early-Stage Financing Gaps in Southern Africa

Scrutinizes the numerous financing constraints            facing the region’s innovative entrepreneurs
Studies possible solutions to enhance investability for firms and support structures for financing parties

Early-Stage Financing Gaps in the Mekong Region

Addresses the lack of access to finance experienced by highly innovative and high growth start-ups (HI start ups) in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nepal. 
A series of recommendations which can increase access to finance for HI startups in these countries.

Angel Investment Handbook

Drafted in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation
Extends best practices from developed nations on creating angel investor networks to the context of
developing countries

Financing the Next Wave of African Innovators: Addressing Critical Funding Gaps for East African Technology Entrepreneurs

Formulates recommendations to address the severe
gaps faced by the region’s innovative MSMEs
Explores the feasibility of Public-Private Partnerships
to solve funding gaps

IC4D 2012: Maximizing Mobile

Revealed new trends in mobile penetration and content, including discrete development opportunities
Covered in The Atlantic, CNN, CNET, Mashable, and the Washington Post, among other top global outlets

Mobile Usage at the Base of the Pyramid

Designed to further growth of voice, SMS, and data capabilities for inclusive development
In-depth look at development of two leading African
mobile markets (Kenya and South Africa) with an emphasis on portable lessons

Broadband Regulation Training Curriculum

Designed to enable ICT practitioners in ECA to leverage
ICTs, with a focus on broadband and mobile applications
Now a course offering by the American University of
Central Asia; disseminated through partners across the region

ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook

"Living" virtual document that evolves along with online interaction between public and private practitioners

Encompasses mobile apps, media, and project updates

Sets down infoDev’s “From Mind to Market” model of spurring entrepreneurship through innovation challenges
Codifies lessons from the m2Work Challenge and the follow-up m2Work Hackathon, which yielded 61 mobile app prototypes
Codifies the best practices emerging from infoDev’s Mobile Innovation Roadshow activities
Analyzes lessons from agribusines and mobile crossover work in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zambia
Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology for mLabs
Newly redesigned framework for zeroing in on mobile incubation impacts
Draws from experience generated by ongoing mLab operations, and will in turn standardize future mLab reporting benchmarks

Agribusiness Incubation Training Curriculum

”How-to” course for enabling agribusiness enterprises in developing countries and designing agribusiness incubators
Designed to empower agribusiness incubation specialists to build up their innovation ecosystem

Agricultural Innovation Systems Sourcebook

Aggregates new knowledge on addressing the new challenges facing agriculture stakeholders in developing nations
Available globally through Google Books
Models for cutting-edge agribusiness value-chain entrepreneurship support facilities in Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, and Ethiopia
Designed to incorporate the learning from various infoDev activities and be a resource for stakeholders
Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology for Agribusiness Innovation Centers
Custom-made framework for measuring and enhancing the effectiveness of each component of AICs

Lessons on Virtual Business Incubation Services

Extracted best practices from forward-thinking, location-independent incubator case studies (e.g. Endeavor, BiD, Villgro, etc.)
Downloaded by over 700 incubation practitioners
Designed to refine previously established virtual incubation best practices through their practical application in Vietnam
Analyzes the outcomes generated by the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) in Tanzania
Reveals DTBi contributions in policy development and advocacy that set the groundwork for future incubation and ICT solutions
Studied 9 incubators in 8 countries
Compares beneficiaries’ results to incubator objectives, broadening knowledge on long-term impacts
Field-sourced manual on how to spur internationalization of enterprises in developing nations
Studied 200 early-stage enterprises from over 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe

Broadband Competitiveness Program in eastern Europe, South Caucasus, and Central Asia

Assesses the broadband market in ECA with a focus on the needs of SMEs

Addresses barriers and solutions towards the improvement of broadband access at the retail and wholesale levels

The study estimated that the mobile app market in the country will grow from its current US$20–$33 million to an estimated US$48–$60 million, at least twice the current size in the next three years. 
A report that documents lessons from its virtual incubation pilots and provides recommendations to future programs aiming to reach and grow entrepreneurs through alternative models.