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Ghana Climate Innovation Center (CIC) business plan

The objective of the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) is to establish local institutional capacity to support Ghanaian entrepreneurs and new ventures involved in developing profitable and locally-appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Through its programs, activities and financing, the GCIC and its network of partners and stakeholders will provide a country-driven approach to solving climate, energy and resource challenges and support economic development through job creation. The USD 17.2m program will provide targeted support, mentoring, training and funding facilitation to up to 100 companies in Ghana over 5 years.

The Center’s business model and associated services are dependent on, and tailored to, the local market. To identify market needs, opportunities and challenges from a local perspective, infoDev developed the GCIC business plan through a detailed analysis and an extensive in-country, multi-stakeholder engagement process. Over 250 stakeholders from the region were convened for a series of workshops, focus groups, surveys and interviews to explore the key barriers to climate technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Ghana and the design of appropriate solutions to these barriers in the form of the GCIC’s programs, services and support.

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