Agribusiness to be...

Agribusiness to be showcased at the 4th GlobalAgribusiness to be showcased at the 4th Global

Agribusiness to be showcased at the 4th Global Forum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Helsinki - May 30 to June 3

The Global Forum will feature agribusiness as one of the core sectoral themes

The Agribusiness Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the Global Forum will dedicate a full day to promoting the start-up and growth of innovative SMEs in agribusiness in addition to showcasing agribusiness ventures at the SME fair.

The 4th Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an important milestone in the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy Program and will have three core sectoral themes: Agribusiness, Climate Technologies and Mobile Applications.

Exciting activities will be dedicated to agribusiness innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • On Tuesday, May 31st three workshops focused on promoting the start-up and growth of innovative SMEs in agribusiness, climate technologies and mobile applications will be held in parallel. Agribusiness entrepreneurs will be invited to share their expectations and challenges with policy-makers and financiers. In addition, break out sessions will be a unique opportunity for participants to work together on how to design an agribusiness innovation and entrepreneurship center.
  • A business venture showcase will be featured throughout the event, where SMEs selected in the Top 50 Competition- including agribusiness SMEs- will present their business cases to potential investors and business incubators in their target markets.  SMEs will compete to receive internationalization prizes and financing. Agribusiness SMEs are encouraged to participate! Applying to be part of the Top 50 Competition is easy with our streamlined form; for more information, see this article!
  • The Global Forum will also be the opportunity for infoDev to share with the audience the latest insights from our on-going research on agribusiness innovation and entrepreneurship around the globe.

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