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infoDev’s Agribusiness Innovation Program (AIP) sets out to promote the success of pioneering agro-processing entrepreneurs. The success of these entrepreneurs will encourage others to enter the sector, and help “pave the way” for the second generation entrepreneurs. Furthermore, infoDev will through is multistakeholder approach create powerful demonstration cases that show how engaging farmer associations, industry, financiers, and government around a notion of realizing shared value can increase the competitiveness of the agro-processing sector. The higher order purpose is to contribute to catalyzing the green growth of a competitive agro-processing sector and, in turn, realize greater development gains in the form of inclusive and sustainable growth and job creation.

Women sorting and cleanning cropWomen sorting and cleanning crop


The AIP seeks to enable pioneering agro-processing entrepreneurs to seize market opportunities innovatively by offering access to a holistic service offering that includes financial, market linkage, technology, and business development services. 

What is unique about infoDev’s approach?

  • It’s market-driven.
  • It catalyzes local value addition.
  • It targets high growth potential entrepreneurs and provides a holistic service offering to them.
  • It creates market linkages.
  • It’s designed for the local context.
  • It’s locally owned and harnesses international experience.
  • It’s network-based and relies on public-private partnership.
  • It promotes green growth

These services will be provided by locally owned and operated agribusiness innovation centers and networks that infoDev will seed through provision of seed capital (grants) and intensive technical assistance and training. The offering of these agribusiness innovation centers and networks are unique from the perspectives of their holistic service offering, along with their ability to do the following:

  • Provide “patient” capital to enable pioneers to prove their business model and build a financial track record that makes the enterprise less risky and more attractive to commercial financiers.
  • Identify and support role models that other entrepreneurs can follow by finding high growth potential value chains and high growth potential local enterprises, and helping them to identify new technology, improve business management skills, navigate regulatory compliance and standards, test products, and build market linkages with suppliers (farmers) and buyers (industry, wholesalers and retailers).
  • Facilitate profitability drivers, such as economies of scale, that accrue from collective procurement of raw materials, packaging, and transportation services for several enterprises.
  • Contribute to ensuring that a nascent agro-processing sector develops along an inclusive and climate-smart trajectory by raising awareness and promoting businesses with a triple bottom-line.

Global Good Practices Assessment on Agribusiness Incubation

Within the infoDev network, an organically growing community focused on agribusiness incubation gathers more than 60 incubators from more than 40 countries, benefitting more than 4,000 enterprises. These stakeholders asked: “Can infoDev help us advance innovation and entrepreneurship in agribusiness? This sector is critical to our economies.”

With financial support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, infoDev took up this challenge and invested in a global review of experiences in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in agribusiness.

infoDev commissioned a Global Good Practices Assessment on Agribusiness Incubation. The assessment report Growing Food, Products and Business, Applying Business Incubation to Agribusiness SMEs provide a genuine and comprehensive analysis of agribusiness incubation good practices, which contribute to better understand how business incubation can foster the creation and scaling-up of agribusiness SMEs in developing nations.

infoDev consulted with more than 600 local and international agribusiness stakeholders, including farmer and industry associations, financiers, multinational corporations, academia, government and development agencies.

In addition to the study, the researchers have produced a number of capacity-building and outreach materials, including an agribusiness incubation module (the 12th module of infoDev’s state-of-the-art training program for business incubator managers from developing countries) and 3 case study videos from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Partner with infoDev

The AIP is first of all an opportunity to create tangible, sustainable, and inclusive development impact in rural and urban areas, benefiting women and men. Secondly, the AIP can advance knowledge of how to catalyze a competitive agro-processing sector through innovation and entrepreneurship and public-private partnership.

InfoDev, which aims to launch the AIP in 2013, is currently seeking:

  • Funding partners to become founding financiers for the AIP
  • Industry partners interested in expanding their local supply chains and availing expertise to the AIP
  • Financial partners who are interested in testing new financing products for agribusiness SMEs in partnership with the AIP
  • Academic and research partners interested in working with infoDev on the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and knowledge creation component of the AIP

Join infoDev, the World Bank, and local and international networks as they change the face of agribusiness entrepreneurship and realize the inclusive development opportunities in this expanding industry.

infoDev Network Members in Agribusiness Incubation: 60 business incubators in 35 countries in infoDev’s network incubate agribusiness SMEs: Angola, Argentina (2), Azerbaijan, Belarus (2), Bolivia, Brazil, Chad, Chile (3), Colombia (3), Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador (3), Fiji, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, India (3), Indonesia, Iran, Jordan (2), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico (2), Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria (11), Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Thailand



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The R & D department of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mardan, Pakistan has developed “ABC”-- innovative vision & Agribusiness Development Strategy to develop Mardan export potential through creativity, techno-entrepreneurship & Green engineering and offer Academia-Industry Linkages physically and through social network platforms as Facebook & LinkedIn etc. Our R & D department is looking for Agribusiness Incubation Center project planning of InfoDEV, World Bank and network and support of Agriculture Support Funds ( ASF) of USAID Pakistan as potential donor I have been invited by InfoDEV Helsinki, Finland and attended one day training of AgriBusiness Incubation Center

Durraniius Iftikhar

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