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Agro Serviços Lda named most innovative company in Mozambique

Agro Serviços Lda, one of the agro-processing enterprises supported by infoDev, received the prize for most innovative company of the year in Mozambique. The company’s innovative products and original marketing strategy beat the competition of over 200 enterprises.

Agro Serviços Lda, one of the emerging agribusiness enterprises supported by the infoDev’s Agribusiness Innovation Program (AIP), won the prize for most innovative company of the year in Mozambique. The prestigious competition was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Mozambique and SOICO media group.

More than 200 Mozambican micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) competed in three categories: best company of the year, most innovative organization, and company with the most successful community outreach. Out of all the participating companies, only three enterprises were selected as finalists in each category. Despite the tough competition, Agro Serviços Lda stood out as the most innovative enterprise and was awarded with a monetary prize of 280,000 Mozambican Meticais (about 9,000 USD).

The jury was particularly impressed by the company’s innovative use of local, unutilized fruits and by the originality of its marketing approach. Specifically, Agro Serviços Lda stood out for its best-selling green peri-peri sauce. “Mozambicans like so much peri-peri sauces, but alternatives found in the market are imported and do not [resonate with] our culture,” says Pedro Tomo, Agro Serviços Lda founder and CEO. “We struggle to keep our retailers stocked […] we fill a market gap with a product that meets the preferences of our consumers.”

Now, Agro Serviços Lda aims to expand even further in the local market by investing the prize received in its branding strategy. Looking ahead, Mr. Tomo hopes to receive additional support for his growing business through the forthcoming infoDev’s Agribusiness Innovation Center, a new institution designed by infoDev in collaboration with local agribusiness stakeholders to catalyze and promote inclusive growth in the sector. When fully operative, the innovation center planned in Mozambique will provide promising ventures like Agro Serviços Lda with critical services such as market linkage, financial and technical support, and business development advice.

Pictured above: Pedro Tomo receiving the prize for most innovative company in Mozambique

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