Announcing the inf...

Announcing the infoDev Top 50 SMEsAnnouncing the infoDev Top 50 SMEs

Announcing the infoDev Top 50 SMEs

Fame and Fortune await the infoDev Top 50 SMEs

After receiving over 750 applications from global entrepreneurs, a team of judges assembled by infoDev has announced the selectees. Please, see our full list here: infoDev Top 50 SMEs. We would like to thank everyone who shared their business ideas with us! While we cannot select every applicant, infoDev is thrilled to see such a truly international commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The judges selected a range of SMEs active in the three priority areas of Mobile & ICT, Agribusiness, Climate Technologies and Agribusiness. The table below shows the award winners by region:

East Asia and Pacific


Europe and Central Asia

Latin America & Carribean

Middle East and North Africa

South Asia







infoDev received over 750 applications from 65 countries, with around 90% from coming from infoDev’s network of more than 330 business incubators, mobile applications labs and climate innovation centres. SMEs from 34 countries made it into the Top 50. The final selections were extremely difficult given the high quality of the applications. The judging panel, who represented infoDev, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and external investors/Venture Capitalists, has nominated fifty firms that offer the best chance for long-term growth and sustainability, while reflecting also the diversity among the applicants.

The judges looked at whether the applicants were "investable" (growth potential, level of innovation, quality of team, etc.) using their professional judgment. In addition, the judges sought to balance  sectoral and regional priorities along with infoDev’s ability to help with the needs and aspirations of the applicants. The judging panel also received and factored in valuable feedback from the Incubator Network and sector specialists in order to arrive at the Top 50.

As a reminder, the infoDev Top 50 SMEs will be funded to participate in the 4th Global Forum on Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, 30 May – 3 June 2011, where they will be introduced to mentors, angel investors, corporate partners, like-minded entrepreneurs and other incubators. They also will compete for soft-landing prizes and funding. Other incentives include:

  • Global recognition as the best of infoDev’s more than 21,000 companies in the 330+ global incubator network spanning 90+ countries.
  • Travel expenses (airfare and accommodation) for one person per company to the Global Forum 
  • Tremendous exhibition and networking opportunities with peers, financiers and corporate partners such as Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors/networks, Donor Agencies focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship as well and non-governmental organizations in the areas of funding Emerging Markets micro and small businesses. 
  • Arranged meetings with mentors from angel networks (such as Angel Capital Association and European Business Angels Network) 
  • Arranged meetings with incubators ( infoDev and other networks such as European Business Network-EBN and National Business Incubators Association-NBIA) and potential company/SME partners

Congratulations to the infoDev Top 50 SMEs!

Follow their progress at the 4th Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship! Stay tuned for more information and please visit  to learn more about infoDev's Access to Finance and Markets program.

Also congratulations to the 200 companies that were shortlisted as semifinalists. While we are not able to extend funded invitations to the Global Forum, we will certainly not forget about you. In the second half of 2011, we will design special mapping and acceleration programs for you as well.

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