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Brazil and infoDev join forces to tackle e-waste

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) of Brazil, infoDev will develop with stakeholders a recommendation for a strategy and policy for safely and productively dealing with e-waste in Brazil.

Brazil is the fifth biggest  electronics and IT market globally. Although computers and electronics can be a social and economic driver, they also create waste that can be harmful to the environment and human health. A recent United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report highlighted Brazil, along with Mexico and Senegal, as “generating more e-waste per capita from personal computers than the other (11) countries surveyed”.

 E-waste is not just a problem. It is an economic opportunity for Brazil to take a leadership role in recycling and re-using electronic items, reclaiming valuable materials, and dealing effectively and safely with unrecyclable substances and parts.

infoDev and MCT are collaborating to support Brazil’s transition to a knowledge economy and society, using technology for social inclusion and sustainable development. Brazil’s leadership in e-waste will also help other countries to emulate its success.

The infoDev project will develop a comprehensive e-waste strategy recommendation for Brazil that addresses e-waste through the value chain from point-of-sale to end-of-life.  The strategy recommendation will be based on global good practice, focus on economic opportunity and be developed in full consultation with all key stakeholders. Key to this project’s success is to work collaboratively with local and global experts and businesses so that the recommendation is both innovative and practical.

This project will do three things:

1.       Assess Brazil’s current e-waste activities and policies

2.       Aggregate Global Good Practice and International Collaborative Practices in E-Waste

3.       Develop an E-Waste Policy and Strategy Recommendation for Implementation in Brazil

infoDev will work with two expert consultants to deliver this work. Advertisements for these positions have just been published. The Consultant on E-Waste Policy and Strategy in Brazil will assess Brazil’s current e-waste activities and policies and be primarily responsible for developing the strategy. The Consultant on Global Benchmarking and Good Practice will survey and analyze international good practice and give a global perspective on the strategy.

Work on this project will begin in September 2010, and will conclude in early 2011. If you would like to be considered for one of the consulting positions, please click on the links immediately above. If you simply want to be kept informed about the project’s progress, email mfarrell at worldbank dot org  to receive regular updates.  

Program information:

In 2009, infoDev established a partnership with Brazil’s Ministry of Science and Technology on the theme ‘Technology for Inclusive Innovation and Sustainable Development’. Through this collaboration, infoDev aims to support Brazil’s transition to a knowledge economy and society, ensure that technology is used for social inclusion and development, and support Brazil’s leadership in helping to emulate its success.  

As part of this partnership, Brazil hosted the 3rd infoDev Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Florianopolis in October 2009, attracting over 1,000 participants from 70 countries. The partnership also includes a future project on Citizen Interaction Using Digital TV.

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