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Business Angel Network Launched in Burkina Faso

2iE, the International Institute for Engineering, Water and the Environment, in partnership with infoDev, launched West Africa's first Business Angel Network on February 18, 2013, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This network aims to support the development of the private sector in Burkina Faso, which includes entrepreneurs and business firms in search of expert advice and funding.

The establishment of the Business Angel Network in Burkina Faso is a sure step forward in developing the private sector landscape in West Africa.  The network of Business Angels is made up of private individuals who invest in innovative enterprises, and act as mentors, by imparting knowledge and providing access to their own networks.   The sole aim is to help guide potential businesses and innovators without the networks and funding to thrive.

2iE is an international education and training institute that provides programs and courses to train students and working professionals (entrepreneurs, engineers) from 27 countries in the topics of water and sanitation, environment, energy, electricity, and civil engineering.   2iE offers assistance to innovators and entrepreneurs who seek to create startup enterprises geared toward green growth. 

2iE will steer the initiative in tandem with infoDev, contributing fully to the Burkinabe State‚Äôs Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development.  The opportunities provided by this initiative will help vitalize the entrepreneurial landscape in West Africa, giving young entrepreneurs the managerial expertise, a technical outlet and the monetary means to create innovative projects.

The first phase of the Business Angel Network initiative will be implemented by April 2013, beginning with the evaluation of business plans from various bids throughout the region. 

Photo courtesy of 2iE

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