Clean-tech SMEs st...

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Clean-tech SMEs struggle for survival in Caribbean

New blog reports about entrepreneurs' dramatic conclusions

In a hostile financial environment where green technology innovators feel their ideas are as good as dead, some enterprising minds are taking unusual steps to turn the minds of policymakers and investors and revive a sector with potentially enormous impact.

Take Rosalea Hamilton, the President of the Jamaica-based MSME Alliance, who took that feeling literally and staged a funeral to mourn Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

From bagasse-based biofuel ventures to solar-power startups, Caribbean innovators today have to get creative not just on the research and development, but also when it comes to financing their work and publicizing their plight. Our Climate Technology Program colleagues Anthony Lambkin and Ellie Ereira have produced a great write-up on the now and the horizon for Caribbean clean tech.

Feeling grave? Head on to the Private Sector Development blog of the World Bank and take a look at the opportunities growing from the ground up in the Caribbean.

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