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Climate Business Innovation Network

A New Platform for Climate Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At COP22, the World Bank Group’s infoDev program launched the Climate Business Innovation Network (CBIN) to promote climate technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

On the ground, innovative early stage clean technology businesses are pioneering new business models and technologies or adapting existing models to a new market. Intermediary organizations such as incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, cluster associations, SME support centers and green development agencies help these startups scale through services, such as mentorship, expertise, training, access to co-working spaces, and professional support to win customers and attract investments.

Climate Business Innovation Network participants at the end of a workshop held in Pretoria, South Africa. Photo © infoDev

CBIN enables these intermediaries to succeed by providing a global climate-tech network that facilitates knowledge sharing and provides support services to its members. These include:

  • Learning activities: The Network promotes webinars organized by the World Bank Group and other partners. CBIN has also launched a webinar series to facilitate knowledge exchange and provide networking opportunities for CBIN members. In these webinars, CBIN members can learn from international best practices and global experts on topics such as business development, clean-tech markets, management and operational challenges.
  • Networking opportunities: CBIN organizes biannual, in-person meetings for its members. During these events, members have the opportunity to expand their professional network, co-create, and discuss common challenges. CBIN also facilitates partnerships between its members, as well as with external organizations, when it identifies opportunities for collaboration.
  • Mentorship programs: CBIN provides clean-tech companies with tailored advice from world-class business leaders and incubation experts. Currently, the CBIN team is developing mentorship pilots that will be implemented in 2017.

Membership in the network is open to well-established intermediaries that support climate technology entrepreneurs in developing markets — incubators, accelerators, SME support centers. In addition to intermediaries, CBIN also convenes foundations, investors, and government agencies from across the globe. 

If you are interested in joining, you can contact the CBIN Secretariat at 

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