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Climate Technology: Innovator Success Stories

SMEs in infoDev's global network that are leading in technology innovation for climate change

In 2009, infoDev launched a request for proposals for cleantech entrepreneur success stories. Entrepreneurs were invited to share stories of their start-up enterprises that provide products or services that contribute to their country's "clean" economy. Out of the many proposals that were received and reviewed, 8 were selected to be featured on infoDev's website and in marketing materials for infoDev's Climate Technology Program (CTP). Honorable mentions were also made for 6 other success stories of technologies commercialized within infoDev's network along with a climate technology incubator case study of the Agri-Business Incubator (ABI) at ICRISAT in India.

The eight winners of infoDev's Climate Innovator Success Stories are:

KML Grid Solutions: South Africa

KML Grid Solutions's primary products are energy saving devices that are cost effective and easy to install offering immediate savings to the end-user by as much as 25%. Their product is the only product of its kind that transmits coding through the mains. KML's marketing plan is to roll our product out through municipalities and councils using locally based electrical contactors.

Servals Automation: India

Servals Automation's products are predominantly focused on providing sustainable, cleaner, cost effective and greener energy for cooking and lighting purposes especially for the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Their primary products include energy efficient kerosene burners, hybrid stoves, plant oil stoves and lamps and gasifier wood stoves.

Flexoresearch Group Co: Thailand

Flaxoresearch Group Co makes paper from recycled paper pulp. By recovering paper pulp from laminated paper waste, the use of water, electricity, chemicals and trees are reduced and consequently pollutants emitted into the environment. Moreover, the cost of paper using my recovered paper pulp is lower than using virgin pulp.

Greago Greentage International: Nigeria

Greago Greentage International is a raw material research and development company. Their products include
Go-green bio diesel: A jatropha curcas based bio diesel, Rozme premium beauty soap: A jatropha curcas based organic soap, Rozme balm: Shea butter enriched skin protection and beauty balm, Neem jell: A bathing jell formula enriched with fruit juices and honey and Jatropha organic manure.

Kine Technologies & Research: India

Kine Technologies and Research makes the Solar Mosquito Destroyer which offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to controling mosquitoes. It works simply by attracting the mosquitoes through smells emanating from a drainage/septic tank and trapping them into the translucent top (solar furnace). The innovation is based totally on solar energy.

Quintas Renewable Energy Solution: Nigeria

Quintas Renewable Energy Solution manufacture inverters with power ranges from 500VA to 15,000VA for use in homes, offices, community boreholes, health institutions and outdoor picnics camps. They have differentiated our products from our Indian and Chinese competitors by manufacturing models with low ranges of power output to target the mass market.

Energy Research Applications: India

Energy Research Applications's primary products are “ENERGY CAKES” made from industrial and agricultural waste. Processed sponge iron industrial waste is used to make “Energy Cakes”. These “ENERGY CAKES” are available in different dimensions and with capability of different temperature ranges. The cakes are smokeless and easy to produce by women groups at the village level.

GeoCiclos Ltda: Chile

GeoCiclos has two different product lines: The home line with the Garden Composter and the Terrace Composter, both products designed along with another Chilean company with the goal of providing compost systems for homes and apartments. The industrial line consists of a composting plant designed by GeoCiclos with technology created by GeoCiclos. The competition is less and less sustainable because of the cost of transporting waste to the dump.

Honorable Mentions:

  • GloTech Organics
    Agricultural Products in India
  • Recycla Chile S.A
    Recycling E-waste in Chile
  • Portafolio Verde,
    Environmental Consulting in Colombia
  • Takasun
    Solar Energy Solutions in Morocco
  • Ambio Participações Ltda
    Carbon Market Services in Brazil
  • ESSCO Ltd
    Fuel Efficient Ovens in Rwanda

Case Study: Agri-Business Incubator at ICRISAT

The Agri-Business Incubator @ ICRISAT (ABI) that was launched in 2003, is an initiative of ICRISAT in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. ABI promotes technologies that have been developed either exclusively by ICRISAT, or jointly developed with collaborators, or even other agri-technologies developed by R&D centers of excellence, universities and other institutions.


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