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Entrepreneurship challenge celebrates women entrepreneurs in Lao PDR

In a celebration of innovative entrepreneurial thinking from Laotian women, the Mekong Women's Entrepreneurship Challenge (MWEC) held a ceremony honoring its 25 winners at the Settha Palace Hotel in Vientiane, Lao PDR on September 13, 2012.

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The challenge aimed to connect enterprising women with the means to grow their businesses—including financing, one-on-one support, peer-based learning, training workshops, and seminars. The 25 finalists participated in a 3-day workshop on innovation, competitiveness, and creativity.

The MWEC tackled the unique business climate barriers that women face in the region. Through a 2010 survey by infoDev, women entrepreneurs in developing countries identified several such challenges, including cultural barriers, as well as a lack of relevant business knowledge, supportive networks, and self-confidence.

 infoDev launched the MWEC in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, with the support from the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Promotion Development Office (SMEPDO).

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