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Green Growth Stream in infoDev's Global Forum

The Climate Technology Program (CTP) brought together stakeholders from Climate Innovation Center’s to exchange know-how, establish partnerships and to present at infoDev’s Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship that took place on May 28-30, 2013. The CTP organized an “Innovation for Green Growth” session, which took place on May 30,2013, to highlight the importance of  green growth and  to present how climate technologies are creating lucrative new business opportunities in developing countries.

The findings inspired a thought-provoking discussion on the breakdown of the clean technology opportunity for SME’s across the value chain. While the technological design and operations subdivision are inherently innovative through product and business model innovation, the ‘planning, installation and balance of system’ subdivision raised the question of whether installation can be considered an arena for innovation and provide high growth potential for SME’s. 

Watch the Green Growth Session as in happened in the 5th Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 

The CTP’s participation in the global forum provided a platform for learning and exchanges between CIC’s from the various regions.  The CIC representatives from Kenya, South Africa and Ethiopia, including a technical advisor from the Caribbean CIC, also had the opportunity to meet and exchange their development, progress and struggles.  The CTP recognizes the value in such exchange and as it launches more CIC’s and plans for the roll-out of its global program, it will further enhance these linkages.

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