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infoDev 2009 Annual Report is published

infoDev has published its FY09 Annual Report. The annual report documents a critical year in infoDev's history, when the unit successfully adopted a new direction and funding model of multi-year collaborative programs pushing forward infoDev's signature ICT4D and innovation themes.

Katherine Sierra, Chair of infoDev’s Donors Committee and Vice-President of Sustainable Development at the World Bank noted the sobering experience of the global financial crisis but said; “Far from discouraging us, the global financial crisis reinforced how crucial it is to renew our collaboration.”

Noting that infoDev had taken to hear the maxim that one should ‘never let a crisis go to waste’, Ms. Sierra said that infoDev had emerged from a period of reckoning with renewed vigor, strong programs and projects, and new channels of sustainable support with its committed stakeholders, donors and clients.

Dr. Mohsen Khalil, Director of the Global Information and Communication Technologies of the World Bank Group, underlined the institution’s belief in the enduring mission of infoDev to show how technology and innovation are tools for economic recovery and growth.

Valerie D’Costa, infoDev’s Program Manager, said the key theme of FY09 had been the “strength, resilience, creativity and variety of our partnerships” with donors, project partners, World Bank Group colleagues, international organizations and the many, active participants in infoDev’s online communities of practice.

Key achievements in FY09 included:

  • Expansion of the global technology business incubation network in over 85 developing countries
  • The extension of the ICT Regulation Toolkit with new modules on universal service and access
  • The launch of nine projects supported by the Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D in crucial areas such as mobile banking, ICT and education in Africa, and ICT for efficient irrigation
  • Contributions to the IC4D report by the Global Information and Communications Technology Department of the World Bank Group, showing infoDev’s constant pipeline of knowledge and expertise into the broader institution
  • Publication of a study on policy options for increasing backbone networks in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Preparations for the 3rd infoDev Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship to be held in FY10 (NB the 3rd Global Forum took place Brazil in October 2009).
  • Launch of a program with DFID to explore the development, deployment and transfer of clean technologies in developing countries
  • Launch of the Educational Technology Debate blog, a web-based community of practice and open resource for educators and policymakers around the world
  • Creation and initial implementation of a results-based framework to better track the impact of infoDev’s work (The annual report includes a preliminary version of the results matrix.)

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