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infoDev & DFID Launch Climate Technology Program

Kick-off seminar was held in London on July 7 2009

infoDev and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) held a half-day seminar in London on July 7, 2009 to introduce and discuss the concept of climate technology innovation in developing countries and to launch a joint program. The seminar provided valuable input on the topic of low-carbon innovation and strategies for successful planning and implementation of the infoDev & DFID program.

Phase I of the DFID/infoDev program will explore the opportunities and challenges facing ‘climate technology innovation’ in a number of pilot countries through country-based analytical work followed by a series of stakeholder workshops. A possible Phase II of the project would provide seed funding to implement the recommendations coming from Phase I, possibly leading to the establishment of low-carbon innovation centers in collaboration with national partners both public and private.

This program will draw on international experience to help develop country-specific proposals for the development of low carbon innovation capacity, including the adaptation and commercialization of technology and also the scaling-up of promising enterprises in the sector.

Aims of the seminar:

  • Discuss the emergence of the low-carbon sector globally and its relevance to developing countries
  • Discuss different approaches to innovation in low-carbon technologies with examples from developed and developing countries
  • Explore the links between innovation centers and low-carbon technologies
  • Explore the links of this program with the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen negotiations
  • Provide input into the design and implementation of the infoDev project


We heard from a range of experts during the seminar, including speakers from the Carbon Trust, Imperial College, Cleantech Group, and infoDev. Attendees included representatives from the UK Government (DFID, DECC, FCO), UNIDO, UNFCCC, other European governments, international innovation centres, private sector investors, think tanks, and academia.

The seminar provided program leads with valuable feedback and direction to plan and implement the next steps of the program. infoDev and DFID welcome additional interest in the program including possible in-country collaborators, international experts and financers of additional pilot countries.

For more information contact Anthony Lambkin (alambkin(at)worldbank(dot)org)

* Photo shown of Armenian solar start-up in infoDev's incubator network

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