infoDev releases 5...

infoDev releases 53 reports on state of ICT use in education in African countries

Survey of ICT in Education in Africa, Volume 2 details results of initial data collection efforts

From Algeria to Zimbabwe: Volume 2 of infoDev's Survey of ICT in Education in Africa contains individual country reports identifying current policies, activities, developments and challenges in this fast-moving and key sector for development.

infoDev has released Survey of ICT in Education in Africa (Volume 2): 53 Country Reports, the culmination of a continental survey process conducted in 2007.

This publication is a follow-up to the recently published infoDev report, Survey of ICT and Education in Africa: A Summary Report, Based on 53 Country Surveys, which identifies 'new trends and old challenges' in the use of a variety of information and communication technologies in the education sector.

Taken together, these two publications seek to gather in a single resource the most relevant and useful information on ICT in education activities in Africa.  Each short Country Report contained in this 600-page publication provides a general overview of current activities and developments related to ICT use in education in the country, organized into the following categories:

  • Overview of ICT Use in the Country
  • Country Profile
  • The Education System
  • ICT Policies
  • Infrastructure
  • Current ICT Initiatives and Projects
  • Implementing ICT in Education

Some highlights from the country reports

Do you know that ...

  • In Benin, the cost of a generic PC is equivalent to a teacher's salary for eight months?
  • 60,000 students now have access to computers in Cameroon, a six-fold increase in five years?
  • Over 20,000 teachers and almost 900,000 students benefit from an interactive radio instruction program in Guinea, one of more than a dozen African countries to use educational radio programs to support teaching and learning?
  • Morocco is currently in the process of connecting 8,600 schools to the Internet?
  • A comic book in Namibia has helped to popularize the use of ICTs among teachers?
  • Tanzania recently released its new policy on ICT and education?
  • An NGO in Zimbabwe uses a mobile bus ('Big Blue') to help bring computers and connectivity to schools in rural communities?

Going forward

ICT use in education is at a particularly dynamic stage in Africa; new developments and announcements are happening on a daily basis somewhere on the continent.  These reports are intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive, and should be seen as “snapshots” that were current at the time they were taken; it is expected that certain facts and figures presented may become dated very quickly.

infoDev and its partners hope that these publications are a first step in a larger, on-going, systematic, coordinated initiative to track developments in technology use in the education sector to help inform a wide variety of stakeholders interested in the topic as they seek solutions to larger, more fundamental educational and development challenges in the years ahead.

It is anticipated that the country reports will serve as the building block for an on-line database that will be updated collaboratively over time, based on additional research and feedback received through the infoDev web site.  Readers are encouraged to suggest updates and modifications to individual reports through the infoDev web site at

For more information

  • The complete set of individual reports comprising the Survey of ICT and Education in Africa (Volume 2): 53 Country Reports have been gathered together for download from the infoDev web site at
  • The full version of the Survey of ICT and Education in Africa: A Summary Report Based on 53 Country Surveys, is available at
  • Background on this research activity can be found at
  • infoDev and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) recently released The NEPAD e-Schools Demonstration Project: A Work in Progress (A Public Report), which highlights lessons learned to date from the pan-African, public-private partnership to introduce ICTs in education and is available for download at
  • infoDev is completing a similar survey of ICT use in education in the Caribbean; background information on this project can be found at

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