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Kenya CIC client Afrisol Energy receives $100,000 to scale up bio-digester project

Afrisol Energy, one of the clients of the newly instituted Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), won the Inaugural Off-Grid Energy Challenge, a competition organized by the United States African Development Foundation and General Electric to identify the most promising sustainable business models in the African region. The company will receive a grant of $100,000 to develop the construction of a new bio-digester that will produce electricity and biogas in the poorest areas of Nairobi.

Afrisol Energy stood out in the competition for its capacity to combine business growth and long-term sustainability through technological innovation. By converting wasted manure into biogas and fodder, the innovative bio-digester technology represents an effective solution that both creates value and addresses climate change issues. Some of the key advantages of the technology are:

  • it provides farmers with refined, non-chemical fertilizer;
  • it produces clean and cheaper energy;
  • it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • it limits deforestation by reducing firewood use.

Created in 2010 by Amos Nguru as a solution for local farmers, Afrisol Energy is now targeting also schools and institutions. The ultimate goal is to re-design the entire energy chain in order to provide a growing number of communities with a cheaper and more sustainable source of energy.

Thanks to the grant received and the continuous support of the KCIC through services and networking opportunities, Mr. Nguru’s dream and company slogan “Keep our region green” is now a step closer to becoming reality. 

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