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Kyrgyz Business Incubator celebrates Chingiz Aitmatov's 80th Birthday

The Congress of Women of the Kyrgyz Republic, the first women-focused business incubator in the country, was opened in Kyrgyzstan in 2004. Since then, the incubator has organized several events to bring together important thinkers and change agents who contribute to the social and economic development of Kyrgystan and the region.

The exhibition works by the students of Arts College, dedicated to the 80th birthday of a world-famous Kyrgyz writer, Chingiz Aitmatov, was an event led by the BI of the Congress of Women of the Kyrgyz Republic, reaching international level. Among the honored guests of the event, which took place on April 19th in the Arts College, were the ambassadors of the USA, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, as well as other famous people of the Kyrgyz Republic. Elderly people, women entrepreneurs, students from colleges and universities were welcomed to come and enjoy watching the works of the talented Arts College students.

Since its opening the BI of the CWKR arranged a number of different events, and actively contributed to the social and economic development of the region and country. By making businesses more competitive, the economy more productive and most of all by empowering people with appropriate knowledge, ICTs can speed up economic growth and enormously strengthen the material basis for development. The first women focused BI in Kyrgyzstan opened a special educational sewing center for 30 women. They have had great success: for example, they sew uniforms for the students of Krasnorechensk orphans' school. All other handcraft items that they make are also being successfully sold by good prices.

The incubator also actively participates in implementing numerous other projects. Because of its focus on women, the incubator has made significant contributions to the life of thousands of women and the citizens of the country. The unemployment rate has decreased, women have gained more rights, and especially gender-based problems were given special attention by the public thanks to the lobbying of businesswomen's rights and interests by the Women’s BI.

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