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Mobile Startup Camp alumna makes her debut at the World Bank

Kate Mahugu, cofounder of Shopsoko made quite an impression when she was in Washington, DC for our 2013 Mobile Startup Camp. She not only impressed infoDev but has caught the attention of global corporations and well-established organizations. There's no stopping her as she's determined to let others know about local artisans in developing countries. 

Her idea of connecting online consumers to global makers and handcrafted jewelry from the developing world is starting to make African jewelry popular and trendy worldwide. Today, the jewelry has graced the covers of such high-fashion magazines as Glamour.

As we approach Women’s International Day on March 8  the World Bank is highlighting successful women such as Kate, which is why the video about Shopsoko's concept was featured on the World Bank's home page.

If interested in buying some trendy or exotic jewelry for a loved one or a friend please visit Shopsoko. Also, to keep up with Kate’s ventures follow her on Twitter.

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