New Report: Broadb...

New Report: Broadband in KenyaNew Report: Broadband in Kenya

New Report: Broadband in Kenya

"Build It and They Will Come"

This case study, one of seven that contribute to the Broadband Strategies Toolkit, considers the case of broadband in Kenya and the manner in which the country has tackled its capacity challenges. The Kenyan experience has been inspiring but at times imperfect, and exploring this history will yield valuable lessons for other countries.

This report finds that much of Kenya’s success is due to four important factors:

  • A clear national vision articulated in Vision 2030;
  • Strong leadership and direction;
  • A credible regulatory, policy and institutional framework; and
  • Leveraging the strength of the public and private sectors through PPPs.

The initiatives discussed in the report possess elements of these traits across all aspects of the broadband ecosystem.

The Kenyan experience is inspiring, yet it has not been perfect. There have been a few hiccups in terms of the pace of implementation, and overlaps in the policy and institutional framework. These are discussed in this report to provide a proper context for the Kenyan broadband story and to enable countries to learn from Kenya’s experiences.

This case study is one of an initial series of seven that will contribute to the Broadband Strategies Toolkit, an online resource for policy-makers and regulators, especially in developing countries. The case studies are generously funded by the Korean Trust Fund (KTF) on Information and Communications for Development (IC4D). The KTF is a partnership between the government of the Republic of Korea and the World Bank Group whose purpose is to advance the ICT4D agenda to contribute to growth and reduce poverty in developing countries.

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