New study maps mob...

New study maps mobile tech use among Kenya's poorest

Real cost "not a trivial amount" for many, says The Economist

One in five Kenyans at the base of the pyramid (BoP) forgo a usual expense, such as food or a bus pass, to afford mobile phone access, according to an upcoming study commissioned by infoDev.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers at iHub, also found that as many as 16% of the poorest Kenyans use the Internet on their mobile phones, but many of them remain unaware of transformative mobile applications in health and education.

Read a preview of the study’s findings on the iHub website.

In a recent article, The Economist highlighted the study’s inroads in quantifying the value of mobile access for BoP Kenyans, but also crystallized the financial and institutional challenges to the technology’s promise of greater inclusion.

The report is one of two commissioned by infoDev on the subject; the other study will focus on South Africa. Both are slated for release next month.

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